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Pretty and Witty and Gay

Melanie and Sarah give the friends a tour, and Melanie dances around like an imbecile for no apparent reason. The friends are introduced as Jason and Diana. Diana is dressed in guy's clothes, but he's wearing full makeup, just so you understand the reactions later. Willie introduces Dan to Landon and they shake hands. Willie gives Dan the tour while the other friends talk to MJ. Sarah and Diana goof around while Jason refers to Diana as "her." MJ doesn't understand the use of the feminine pronoun, and appears confused. Diana explains that it's a nickname.

Willie asks Landon if he's going to join them for sushi. Heh. That seems like a double entendre somehow. Landon says that he just put a burger on the grill, so he's going to eat at home. In a confessional, Landon says that it's fine having that many gay people in the house, but that he feels weird being in the straight minority. Then he cracks up and they cut him off really quick. Just in case you've heard any rumors about Landon. MJ tries to ask if the establishment they are going to is "straight and gay" or "bi," and Willie replies, "It's a restaurant, bitch!" Heh. Landon throws up his hands in confusion, and Willie laughs. Willie interviews that MJ and Landon are sheltered, and not used to diversity. Willie and his friends all leave. MJ sits on the kitchen counter with his sneakers on, and puts them right up on the counter, which is kind of gross. He comments that it was a "quick invasion," and Landon says that he needs a "big straight festival." Like, I don't know, every other festival, ever? MJ interviews that this isn't an easy transition, and that he's realizing that he doesn't know much. Landon chuckles over the gays calling each other girls. Okay, they might come from small towns, but you're telling me they've never watched Will & Grace? Shavonda and Landon agree, "Life is amazing." MJ still looks shell-shocked. And he still has his feet on the counter.

Willie and Dan walk out of the restaurant. Willie asks Dan about his parents, and Dan says that his parents are really cool, and pretty open-minded for Catholics. He adds that they were confused at first, and Willie says that at least they didn't try to beat him up, which was Willie's coming-out experience. Willie interviews that he comes from "a very strict Puerto Rican Catholic background," and never thought he'd come out to his parents. Willie says he doesn't hate his parents. Dan asks if they're okay with him now, and Willie says that they don't love it, but that they're better. Willie interviews that his relationship with his father is okay, but that his mom can't look at him without judging him.

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