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Pretty and Witty and Gay

MJ and Sarah take a spinning class at the gym, and Sarah struggles. No idea what happened to Willie. MJ and Sarah start walking home. Sarah explains that she has a lot of rage, and that spinning helps her get it out. MJ says that Mel speaks without thinking, and Sarah says that she puts "her nose in people's asses." Sarah interviews that she can't deal with someone telling her how to live her life. Sarah says that everyone secretly judges everyone else. MJ asks if she'd rather keep things secret than get it out in the open. Sarah says that you can make judgments, but you don't know people's situations and vices. In other words, it's human to make judgments, but you shouldn't act on them, or let them solidify your opinion on others without finding out more. Unless you're a recapper. At least that's what I think Sarah was trying to say.

MJ and Sarah walk into the house. MJ advises everyone to avoid the spinning class. Sarah interviews that she likes to address things while avoiding arguments if possible. Sarah pulls Melanie aside, and keeps downplaying her feelings by saying it's "stupid" and "really dumb." Once they sit down, Sarah says that money is personal and that she didn't know why Mel told everyone about her spending. Mel immediately apologizes. Melanie interviews that she's "very opinionated" and that she hates to come off as a bitch. So don't be so judgy! Sarah says that she was kind of upset about it. Melanie apologizes again, but in a condescending way, like, "Oh, I'm sorry that your wittle feelings got hurt," instead of "I'm sorry for telling everyone your business." Sarah is put in the position of apologizing herself, and making excuses, which kind of sucks. Mel interviews that she was impressed that Sarah didn't make a huge deal about it in front of everyone. Melanie and Sarah agree to talk it out when they have problems with each other in the future. Why do I see these two having a lot of problems with each other? And this conversation being seen in flashback about a million times this season?

That night, Willie and Dan stand on the street and discuss their relationship. On the second date. ["What are they, lesbians? (I kid.)" -- Wing Chun] Willie interviews that it's weird to meet Dan again, but that things happen for a reason. Dan wants to wait and see what happens between them before making any sort of commitment. Because it's the second date. I mean, I know they knew each other before, but seriously. Willie interviews that they've both been single for a while, and don't want to rush things, but that it's looking good. Willie and Dan hug, and Willie invites him to go to bed.

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