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Pretty and Witty and Gay

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Pretty and Witty and Gay

Inside the house, the roommates get ready for sleep. Willie and Dan take a shower together. If I had one of those multiple shower head deals, I would be all about showering with another person. In a regular shower, someone's always cold and wet, which isn't very fun. Dan shampoos Willie's hair, which is really cute, and they start making out. They share a towel as they stumble out of the shower.

Sarah is sleeping with Landon tonight, which isn't exactly the guest room, but it's also not exactly surprising. Shavonda rushes into the room and thinks there's something going on, and Sarah explains that she's giving Willie some alone time with Dan. Shavonda hops in bed with MJ, who says something about them both being in the same boat, which makes me thinks this happened before MJ broke up with Ashley. Landon asks what Willie and Dan are doing and Shavonda glances into the room and then hides under the covers and says she saw a naked butt. Shavonda interviews that they were naked men in bed, and it was like free porn on HBO, where you're not supposed to watch, but you do anyway. Okay, if she's going to make that stale joke, she should get it right. It would be scrambled porn, and it wouldn't be on HBO, and Melissa did it better in her audition tape anyway. Landon and MJ practically fall out of bed trying to see what's happening. Landon interviews that he and MJ just want to confirm what's happening. Do they have to see it? Shavonda tells them to stop spying, and MJ says that he can't help it. All we see of the happy couple is Dan stroking Willie's face, although if they were a straight couple, we'd be seeing thrusting and condom-opening and night vision cams all the way, which is kind of lame. I mean, I don't want to see it no matter what, but the double standard sucks.

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