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Back at the house, Puck tells Cory that he's getting married. On Mother's Day. Cory tries to hold back tears as she calls him a liar. He says that he's not lying. He promises. Puck tells us, "Whatever Pedro is trying to do, by announcing, 'Oh, I am engaged to my lover,' that's what I got, okay? This is, like, by far sicker than that. Way sicker. 'Cause I am sicker than Pedro." This is how you play the game of life, people. When you're seven.

Rachel wins the understatement contest going on this episode with this: "Puck's not very stable." She then says that she doesn't know what Toni must be thinking.

Puck and Rachel fight in a bedroom. Rachel has stolen clothing from the Stevie Nicks collection. She cleans and puts on clothes as she flirts with him and he flirts with her. She tells him to go get married and be an adult. "Whatever, Puck," she says about nineteen times. She storms off.

Rachel tells us that Puck would never listen to her, but that he might listen to Mohammed. Mohammed tells us that it's a problem for all of them now.

Everyone meets to decide when to meet the next day to tell Puck that he might get thrown out of the house, even though they don't want to throw him out. Are you guys sick of this group yet? Everything's such a deal because they don't have any real problems in their lives. That's why Pedro is the most interesting person in the cast. Judd says that they just need to meet with Puck. They tell Puck that there's a house meeting the next night. He walks off laughing. Cory tells us that she doesn't want to do this. Judd doesn't want to do this. Pam doesn't want to do this. Pamie doesn't want to do this recap anymore. She's sick of these people moaning about everything, and then taking back their complaints with their next breath. Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck. Man.

Puck rides his bike near a train. He opens a cane like he's in A Clockwork Orange. He says he's not good with "the compromise thing." He says he's a steam train. No, none of those things are related. That's just how they chose to end the episode.

Next time, there's a meeting to discuss Puck. Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck.

During the credits, Rachel and Cory fret about talking to Puck forever.

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