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That night in the boys' bedroom, Mike brings up the discussion with Quarrel. Malik advises Mike not to live his life for Quarrel. Kevin suggests that Mike tell Quarrel that she needs to work on her abs. Ooh, burn! Except, totally not. Shut up, Kevin. Mike laughs really hard at Kevin's joke because he needs all the friends he can get.

Kevin and Mike walk down the street. In an interview, Mike says that Quarrel is always trying to change him and his hair. And Mike's hair won't stand for it! Maybe Mike's hair is the eighth roommate. It's already gotten a bigger storyline than, say, Rachel. Anyway, Mike says that Quarrel isn't going to change him, and then he promptly goes to a salon and gets a haircut.

Nicole and Malik are leafing through a newspaper -- it might be the Village Voice or similar alternative paper, because they are looking at tons of ads for singles looking to mingle. In an interview, Nicole says that she's only been in one relationship; it lasted two years, until the guy kicked her out. Lori a.k.a. Catherine Beta-Jones (tm Urban Bushman) asks Nicole whether she's looking to date, and Nicole says she doesn't really want to date a bunch of different guys -- just one guy. Dude! Malik is right there! They are so cute together. Normally I don't really root for roommates to hook up, but come on. In an interview, Nicole says that her two-year boyfriend was sleeping with a lot of other girls, and that he didn't want her around, so he kicked her out. Aw, she should have kicked him to the curb first. Malik points out an ad for "three-minute abs." What is the obsession with abs this week? Nicole asks whether Malik's saying her abs need work, and Malik covers nicely by saying that everyone's abs need work. ["Eric Nies's don't. Well, they might now." -- Wing Chun] Malik voice-overs that he and Nicole are attracted to each other. Nicole reads something in the paper about "mindful moderate eating" and then grabs a cookie and takes a big bite of it, reading the rest of the ad with her mouth full as a joke. She's funny. In an interview, Malik says that there are some parts of Nicole he doesn't like, because she's "self-conscious about her body and herself." She is? Very few girls who are self-conscious about their bodies would shove an entire cookie in their mouths on camera. Or at all. But, whatever.

That night, Nicole looks in the mirror and puts on makeup. A lot of makeup. In an interview, Nicole says that she's always worried about her looks and "presentation," and she feels more confident when she's dressed up or has makeup on. She's very confident tonight, then. She's such a pretty girl. I wish she would tone down the makeup. Oh my God, I just turned into my grandmother. Nicole says that her family's water got shut off when she was a kid, so she had to go to school dirty sometimes; as a result, she now takes two showers per day. Well, at least now we know why she is so concerned about her appearance. I think some sweet, sweet loving from Malik would help her feel okay going au naturel.

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