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Mary-Ellis Bunim: What is this "internet" that Coral is talking about?
Jonathan Murray: You know, the web? Computers? Email?
Bunim: Oh, email. I have my assistant print those out and read them to me while I get my bikini wax.
Murray: [mutters] Oh, dear Lord.

Malik announces that he's going to teach Mike about a new figure in black history each day. They start with Rosa Parks. In an interview, Malik says that Mike is open-minded enough to be taught. After a short lesson, Malik asks whether there is anyone else about whom Mike is curious. Mike wants to know about Malcolm X. Malik gives Mike the lowdown. In an interview, Mike says that his teachers talked about these people in the past, but he didn't listen. I would suspect that it isn't that Mike doesn't care about black history -- he just doesn't care about history. I doubt he would know who Eli Whitney or Elizabeth Cady Stanton were, either. Mike is surprised to learn that Malcolm X had red hair. Malik voice-overs that he wants to get a job teaching history from a multi-racial perspective. Mike voice-overs that Malik is into what he's teaching, and it's interesting. In an interview, Malik says that Mike is sheltered, but that he wants to learn. In an interview, Lori says, "If you're going to be angry at someone because they're ignorant, and you're not even at all willing to teach them, how is that person going to grow? You're just going to stay mad at that person forever?" True. It's not remotely Quarrel's job to be Mike's personal black-history educator, but she really needs to quit it with the "holier than thou" attitude. If Mike does or says something offensive, she should let him know it's offensive. If he keeps doing it, she should avoid him. But right now it seems like she only hangs out with him so that she can feel superior to him, and to feed her own ego.

The phone rings and it's for Nicole. She tells Rachel, "I will be back, young kids. A grown woman has grown women's business." Hee! Malik notes that the guy on the phone has an accent. As Nicole picks up the phone, we learn that the guy on the phone is "Rene, Nightclub Fly Guy." Hee! It's like Frat Matt from last year. Nicole and Rene arrange to meet at a nearby subway stop. The arrangements are made quickly, and Rene calls Nicole "easy." She's all, "'Easy'?" and he's all, "I mean, you're sweet." Yeah, good cover. After getting off the phone, Nicole tells her roommates that she has "a get-together" to see if the guy is decent. Rachel puts her hand out for a high-five, but Nicole disses her, saying that she's hot, so she can't touch Rachel or she'll burn her. Nicole deigns to let Rachel put a finger on her, and Rachel pulls back, pretending to be burned. Hee! I like it when the roommates just do goofy shit like that. Malik tells Kevin that Nicole has a date. Nicole says it's not a date. Malik goofs on her for refusing to use the word "date." Oh, he's so jealous. I can tell. I know these things. Nicole wonders what she's going to do if the guy isn't cute. Um, this isn't a blind date. She's already seen him, right? At the club? ["Maybe she only saw him through her beer goggles." -- Wing Chun] Rachel comes up with a plan. She'll page Nicole a half-hour after the date starts. Nicole will page back either "cute" or "not cute." If it's "not cute," Rachel will send Nicole an emergency page, and Nicole will duck out. Nicole practices how she will look at her pager and tell her date she has to leave.

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