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Nicole puts some very, very dark lip liner on her lighter-colored lips. If Quarrel's so interested in educating people, maybe she could take Nicole to the makeup counter at Saks for a free makeover. Malik voice-overs how beautiful and nice Nicole is. He loves her, I think. Nicole asks Malik whether she should give her date "too much," and Malik tells her not to. Malik voice-overs that he and Nicole have "mini-flirts going on," but that they are also seeking outside relationships. Malik pretends to waft Nicole's perfume so that he can smell it. Have I mentioned how cute they are together?

Nicole walks to the subway stop where she is supposed to meet Rene. Nicole voice-overs that she doesn't want to get too excited, and that she's a pessimist. Nicole stands there waiting, and we go to commercial.

Murray: We arranged for Rene to be late, just like you told us to, so it's more dramatic.
Bunim: And you bought him the leather pants? Chicks can't resist leather pants. It's very important that we have some sex in the episode.
Murray: Of course. I charged them on my personal credit card. Do you think I could be reimbur...
Bunim: I'm going to get my nails done.
Murray: Sigh.

Back from commercial, Nicole is still waiting. Rene finally shows up and gives her a rose. In a confessional, Nicole says that Rene dressed nice and kind of looked like Lenny Kravitz. Well, maybe the leather pants and the hair, but his face isn't as cute as Lenny's, in my opinion. They get on the subway. In a confessional, Nicole says that she found out Rene voted for George W. Bush. They discuss it on the subway, and Rene says that he thinks Bush is a nice person. Aw, man. George Bush ruins everything. In the confessional, Nicole says that she doesn't know any black people who voted for Bush, and that she wonders whether Rene is "a little confused." Heh. He's got that accent. Maybe he's foreign? As they get off the subway, they banter about whether five or ten percent of blacks voted for Bush. In the confessional, Nicole says that Rene told her she was Afrocentric, which she is, but that if he said that, it must mean that he's not. They arrive at a bar in Times Square. Nicole tells us that Rene "doesn't date sisters a lot," and that she doesn't like "being the token sister." Nicole finally gets her page from Rachel, and makes her excuses to Rene so that they can leave. If they met at 8:00 PM, and he might have been a few minutes late, and then they took the subway to Times Square, and Rachel was going to page her at 8:30 PM, they must have been in the bar for all of five minutes. As they take the subway back, Nicole voice-overs that she doesn't know whether she could deal with someone so conservative. Nicole tells us that she had a wonderful time (in the five minutes they were together), but that she won't be going out with him again. As they part, Nicole says she'll call him. Heh. She totally won't. Rene's all, "Don't I even get a hug?" Nicole reluctantly goes back and hugs him. As they go their separate ways, she yells out, "Vote for Bush!" Ha ha ha. Nicole is my favorite, I think.

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