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Nicole arrives back at the apartment. She shows Malik her rose and tells him that Rene voted for Bush. Nicole says she needs to have someone who likes hip-hop. As soon as she reveals that the date didn't go well, Malik breaks into a smile. Malik likes hip-hop! Date him! Mike asks if Nicole found out why Rene chose her. Nicole says Rene thought she was "fly." Malik adds, "Why wouldn't he?" Nicole responds, "The question is, 'Why doesn't everybody?'" In an interview, Malik says again that Nicole is beautiful and nice, and that he's not the only one who notices that. Nicole tells Rachel that Malik gave her a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice when she got home, and that she doesn't know why she even goes out when she has "it" at home. Exactly! That's what I've been trying to tell her.

Malik's childhood friend Nomani comes to visit. They don't give him any on-screen text introduction, so I'm just going with the spelling that the captioning used. Nomani lives in the Bay Area, and has come to New York to work as a DJ. Mike, Malik, and Nomani sit in the kitchen and talk about music. Malik tells Nomani about teaching Mike black history. Mike offers to teach Nomani a few things, and it's all very awkward for a minute until Malik finally mumbles that maybe Mike isn't at the teaching stage yet. Quarrel comes over and sits down, wearing a bindi (shades of Tet Girl) and a fanny pack. Okay, she just lost all privileges to make fun of anyone, ever, because she's wearing a fanny pack. Lori is nearby, making a sandwich. Nomani reveals that he forgot February is Black History Month, but he does remember that March is International Women's History Month. Quarrel playfully hits him on the arm, like, "You are smart, just like me! Let's make fun of the idiot boy!" Nomani gamely quizzes Mike about Malcolm X. Mike launches into an incredibly awkward and embarrassing explanation of the life story of Malcolm X, and everyone listening is just cringing because he's screwing it up so bad. See, he's just dumb! And socially awkward! He's a big dumb dummy. He's the Greenwich Village Idiot. Quarrel is staring at him all judgmentally, which I'm sure isn't helping. Mike notices that everyone looks like they want to crawl under the table, and says that it doesn't come out as smoothly when he says it as it does when Malik says it.

In an interview, Quarrel says that Mike is "a big brick wall," and "doesn't seem receptive." Quarrel tells Mike that he's comfortable in his ignorance. Nomani pipes up and says that he's only been there twenty minutes, but that he thinks Mike is interested in learning. Quarrel interrupts Nomani, saying that she and Mike have personal issues. In an interview, Mike says he doesn't remember making Quarrel mad, except when he didn't know it was Black History Month. Well, there was the little matter over breakfast last week, but perhaps that's been forgotten. Nomani says that he has respect for Mike's desire to learn. In an interview, Quarrel says that Nomani doesn't know what he's talking about. Heh. Quarrel tells Mike that she's never done anything to him to make him not want to be her friend. On the other hand, he has done a ton of things to her to make her not want to be his friend, and he doesn't even know it. Nomani asks how Quarrel knows that she hasn't done anything offensive to Mike, since she herself said that Mike doesn't know about the things he has done. Quarrel has no comeback to that. Go, Nomani! Can he move in? In an interview, Mike says, "Yes, finally!" and adds that it felt good to see someone stand up to Quarrel. I can't really blame the roommates for not doing it -- it's early yet and they probably don't want to rock the boat. I mean, I wish they would, but I can understand why they haven't.

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