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"No Woman, No Cry" by Bob Marley plays. Quarrel and Lori are sitting at a bar. Quarrel says she doesn't want to dislike anybody, but that some of the stuff Mike does is unacceptable. So tell him that instead of bullying him all the time! In an interview, Lori says that Quarrel can't seem to get past Mike's being sheltered. Quarrel says she's not PC and she's not nice. Well, at least she knows it. Quarrel adds that she has respect for the human race. Well, that's debatable. I guess it's also debatable that Mike is a member of the human race. In another part of the bar, Malik explains the lyrics of "No Woman, No Cry" to Mike, and they hug and sing along. Bob Marley unites us all.

Bunim: Where was the sex? Are those two men going to have sex?
Murray: God, I hope so. Oops. I mean, "We're working on it."
Bunim: Working on it isn't good enough. And no one shouted this week. You people are incompetent.
Murray: Well, we thought that Coral would be good for at least one screaming match per week. I mean, she...
Bunim: Shut up! Don't talk to me. Just keep rubbing my feet.
Murray: Yes, mis...
Bunim: Silence!

Next week: Mike gets Rachel a fake ID so that she can go out with them, and she wears leather. I hope it's not Mormon Julie II: Electric Virgin-aloo. Lori puts the moves on Kevin in a bar while they are dancing. Ooh, John Lithgow was right in Footloose -- dancing leads to evil.

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