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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

Oh, finally. This episode ends with Montana, Elka, and Kameelah sulking in the living room, discussing how "alienated" Kameelah feels from Syrus, adding that they have nothing in common. Elka thinks he's alienating himself from the house. Kameelah says that one of her primary fears in coming to Boston was being the only black person in the house, and now that Syrus is pulling away, she still feels like the only black person in the house. Cut to that exclamation point shot of Syrus leaving once more, off to scrape the last remaining debris off the bottom of his shoe, prop it up in tight jeans and a sequined sweater, hose it down in cheap perfume and cheaper values, and show it what a night out in the tundra really looks like.

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