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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

More pool. This time Sean and Jason cue up, and Sean whispers that he thinks "Genesis is hot as crap, man." Oh, he's such a Casanova. There's some wooing words for you. I'm sure he could stand at her window under the cover of darkness, whisper into the night, "Genesis, you are hot as crap, man," and wait for her to throw pennies and rose petals over the balcony before inviting him in for a long night of satisfying, heterosexual lovemaking. Because if anyone can show Genesis what it's like to be with a real man, it's Sean. Incidentally, Jason shoots pool first and breaks, failing to sink one ball. Losers.

And over in the living room, the four girls discuss Genesis some more. Kameelah announces that she "very rarely see[s] feminine lesbians," and Genesis expresses some surprise that they're not "all over the place in big cities." Montana registers what is perhaps the first intelligent comment on this subject with her assertion that "the reason you say you very rarely see feminine lesbians is because you don't know." But then she shoots down her whole, proto-humorless-liberal-rhetoric thing with the following story: "I knew this lesbian couple, that one woman was inseminated with a turkey baster, and the kid was born on Thanksgiving." Ah, yes, from the old "I knew this lesbian couple who" collection of urban myths, including, "I knew this lesbian couple, and one of them ate Pop Rocks and drank coke" and "I knew this lesbian couple, and one of them owned a pet store and the other one was a nurse, and the first one sold Richard Gere the gerbil, and the other one had to get it out." Kameelah fake laughs for the hundredth time in this episode, this time barely concealing her developing trademark eye-roll.

After a series of shots featuring trains rocketing through the Boston night, we time elapse our way back into the firehouse and Montana nauseously saying, "I can't believe he just flashed us." Genesis tells a completely disinterested Kameelah, who is trying to have a normal, non-Sean's-butt-oriented phone conversation, "Did you see Sean? He just pulled down his underwear and showed us his white, hairy butt." Shot of Sean walking away from this camera, clad in just his boxers. So Genesis and Montana mastermind a brilliant plot to "go pull his covers off and pin him down... If he's going to show us the back, he's going to show us the front, too." Ooooh. Wacky capers ahoy. And so the two of them get up and make for Sean's room, as a spooky mysterious theme, akin to the moment when you obtain a warrant for the criminal's arrest on the Commodore 64 version of Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego, begins to play. Genesis frets on the hike to his room that if they violate Sean sexually, they could get "thrown out." Hey, you think she's seen this show before? But not to worry, because this is the Boston season, in which a potentially explosive experience brings with it only the chilling ramifications of Genesis and Montana crawling into bed with Sean and just, well, cuddling. BO-ring. Is there anything else on? Oh, no, wait, it's 1997. Summer reruns of Ned and Stacey, the Florida Marlins buying their way to an embarrassing World Series victory, or in-decline episodes of Seinfeld, like that one that takes place in India where the entire episode runs in reverse. Fine, then, I'll stick with this. But one more reference in this episode to Sean's ass, Sean's hairy ass, or Sean at all, and I'm turning this season around and taking them all back home RIGHT now.

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