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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

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Race Matters (and sexuality is good for a gag or two)

Over at a club called Axis, the downright Tarantino-esque time structure of this episode catches up with itself as Syrus shakes his booty with what he describes as "a variety of women." Damn right. Cutting back and forth between the house and the club, he's making time with pretty much anyone who's ever been introduced to the manifold aesthetic improvements of AquaNet and spandex. Kameelah, meanwhile, talks on the phone about his escapades, correctly deeming them "disgusting." Yessir. As he fondles some extraneous piece of ass. In the bathroom. With the door open. Ugh. Sadly, Kameelah undercuts her own argument with her rueful admission, "Well, he don't want me, so..." Deep sigh. Cut to her lying on the couch, eating Tostitos and feeling very, very sorry for herself.

Hey, look! More naked Sean! What did we decide about that? Remember? Genesis actually deigns to touch Sean's, like, skin, in giving him a back massage and talking about how she gives her girlfriend back massages. Her girlfriend, "Tammy," is twenty-eight. Sean suggests that he "pretend like I'm Tammy." Yeah, fun game. But first let's pretend that you have clothes on, m'kay? See how this make-believe game can actually work in our favor? Cut to Genesis on the phone with her friend, "Shane," who is either nervous about knowing his voice is on television or he is just kind of boring. Genesis tells Shane that she's been around straight people for so long that she's afraid that she's starting to become straight herself. She reports on the phone that Kameelah told her, "You have to find your people and I have to find my people." Feh.

House party! Cut to that really, really late moment in the middle of the night just before it starts to become early again. Syrus is escorting another cavalcade of women on the Harlot Hour Tour, and this time Sean and Genesis are along for the ride. They're singing and talking and drinking both upstairs and down, generally infuriating Montana and Elka, who are attempting to sleep. Kameelah enters the kitchen and confronts one of the girls sitting at the kitchen counter, marching right up to her and inquiring, "Who are you?" The girl shoots the same question right on back at Kameelah, and suddenly we're back in a confessional, Kameelah fuming, "I don't appreciate that chick questioning who I am in my own house." Cut to later that night, I guess, where the house has hastily assembled a meeting, which Sean begins: "Personally, my opinion is that we should be able to bring anybody to this house that we want." Montana adds that "girls can't be coming by at three in the morning ringing the bell." Jason adds that no strangers should be going upstairs. Elka (remember Elka? Yeah, I barely do either) chimes in that she doesn't want this to be something called a "freaking Visa" to bring home whoever they want. In a private subcommittee, Genesis, Montana, and Sean congregate for cigarettes in the bathroom after the main meeting is over, Sean covertly observing that Kameelah "has a problem with black guys dating white women." Sorry, Sean, that is so not the issue right now. But the producers obviously think it is, and we cut to Kameelah moping around the house, swathed in blankets in what we are supposed to swallow is a "woe be it to the future of my race" exercise in self-pity. Personally, I blame Syrus for everything. That doesn't have to do with Sean.

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