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Real World Reunion

A girl stands up and says that she didn't think Puck got a fair shot when he got kicked out. Puck admits that he is hard to live with, and he's "not stealing," that he tried to be pretty fair and be himself. I don't know what that means. Puck says he is nasty to live with. Mohammed interrupts to say that he gets asked that question a lot, why they kicked Puck out. Puck says, "Because you're [bleep]." Mohammed ignores him and says there were situations where Puck did a lot of acting, just like he's doing right now. Puck pretends to throw peanut butter at Mohammed, from the jar he is holding and eating out of with his finger. Puck says he's not in a band trying to be famous like Mohammed. Instead, he's in Hollywood being himself and he doesn't have to act. Mohammed says almost everything Puck says is a lie. Puck says that Mohammed's going to call him a racist, and that Mo sucks and his band sucks too. Then Puck yells out, "Props to anyone who's in a real band that rocks." Throughout this exchange, Mo is pretty calm and collected while Puck is, well, being Puck. Mo tells Puck that he's living in a fantasyland, and he's "a schizophrenic who believes that he's someone else, a character called Puck" but his real name is David. That's pretty accurate from where I sit. Puck is a 27-year-old bike messenger, and it's not cool to have no responsibilities. Puck says, "I'm retired, bitch." Mo's all, "What did you just call me?" and Puck tries to back down. Judd tells us in an interview that "You don't say bitch to or around" Mohammed. Thanks, Judd. I didn't get that from his reaction. Alison tries to take control and fails. Puck and Mo argue some more and Mo reaches out and flips up the bill of Puck's hat. Jo tries to restrain Mo. Puck gets up, rips off his mike and calls Mohammed a punk. In an interview, Norman tells us he just "went blank" when people started to go at each other and that it was "such a gross display." Rachel tells us that deep down she wanted Mo to hit Puck. Puck sits down and asks if they want "Puck on ten" or "Puck on six" and that now he's at "nine and a half." Rachel says it doesn't matter if he's at nine and a half or ten, he's "still a little boy." Beth A. says that now she knows what it's like to be on Ricky Lake. Kevin says he came out of love, and to put the past behind them, and the cursing is disrespectful. I guess he doesn't want Puck so much now. Puck asks if he can change his seat because Mohammed is "berating" him under his breath. Rachel tells him to deal with it. Puck screams at her to "shut [her] lip" and he's had enough of them. He stands up and walks to the other side of the stage, and sits between Norman and Beth S. Alison asks him if he was ever happy in the house. Puck says it was hard because he had no one to relate to, and he gave them the benefit of the doubt but he got force-fed their parents' ethics. Various cast members shake their heads.

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