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Real World Reunion

Back onstage, Mohammed says Puck was edited to be portrayed as "an individual" but really he was much worse. Rachel says in an interview that the audience saw them reacting to Puck, but they have relationships that have nothing to do with Puck. Some girls in the front row were mouthing, "We feel so sorry for you" to her, but she doesn't want them to feel sorry because she got good friends out of it. We see clips of some happy times in SF. After the clips, we see that Puck is back, behind the scenes.

Someone asks if anyone has a "weird or unusual casting story." David yells out, "I was lying on the casting couch..." and everyone laughs. Puck sneaks in through the audience, behind Alison Stewart's back. Alison asks Norm about his experience. While he tells the story, which is boring, Puck is standing behind Alison Stewart with no shirt on. Alison glances back at him and tries to ask Jon a question. Puck walks up to the stage. Cory tells us she knew Puck would come back because he can't stand to have other people be the center of attention. Puck says he can't be constructive with everyone "nailing him" so please get off his back. He has the microphone dangling down over his face instead of clipped to his shirt. He says that he's more naked now so he's comfortable. I'm not.

An audience member notes that the NY cast seems relaxed, and asks if they have any advice to give to the other casts. Actually, the question he asked was really long and boring, so I edited it down for you. You're welcome. Julie says that the show is "emotionally grueling" and that their first reunion was "yucky." Hey, I remember that! They all came on and introduced videos, and it was pretty tense. Julie says it just takes time. In an interview, Becky says there's a period after the show where you feel like you belong to the world, and you have to have a sense of humor or you'll go crazy. David says they have all done so much in their lives, that in coming back, they just laugh and say, "It was bull. Let's move on."

Alison Stewart brings out the London cast, how have just finished their season. Everyone but Jay files out. They don't have a couch, so they just have to perch on the arms of the other couches and on the floor. Judd says that the London cast being there was a complete surprise. Norm was happy to meet the London cast, and he heard about a tongue that got bit off. He thought Neil was wild and crazy, but also cute. Norm is always scoping the hotties, isn't he?

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