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Real World Reunion

Norman from NY tells us that he is "bi-coastal" so it was no problem for him to come to the reunion. He meets up with Eric from NY in the hotel lobby. Eric is wearing a newsboy cap, which is not now, nor was it then, cool. Eric says he was looking forward to "meeting" Norman. Meeting? Didn't he live with him for three months? It just seemed like a strange choice of words. Anyway, Eric feels that Norman was easy to talk to and hang out with, because he's like an open book. Eric and Norm go to the airport to pick up Rachel from SF. Eric says the only person he's talked to from his season is Heather, a couple of times. Norman talks to Julie, "every hour, on the hour." Julie says they have a "hot line." Seriously, they need to get e-mail or something. Julie's phone bills must be outrageous.

Back in the chicks' limo, Heather says she can't believe Andre didn't come, and asks Julia what his excuse is. Julie says she's mad he didn't come, and that at the very least he should have wanted to see them. Heather points out, "We might be the reason he didn't come."

Back in the guys' limo, Eric says his life has been crazy. His career isn't going in the direction he wants. Norm looks concerned for him. Eric says he doesn't want to be an actor for the rest of his life. When was he ever an actor? He was on The Grind and he did some workout tapes. He had a small part in Above The Rim and he played himself on Days of Our Lives. He's not an actor. He's a personality! Anyway, Eric's ready to "attack the world with a message of peace and love." Is he serious with this? Norm, who I expected to burst out laughing, says that Eric has "done the Hollywood thing" and now he wants to use his influence. What are they talking about? Maybe it's just the benefit of nearly five years of added insight, but they are on crack. They arrive at the airport, and Norm says he'll be supportive of Eric's career. Eric leads them to Southwest when they are looking for Sky West. Norm cracks, "Sorry, Rach, we couldn't find you because Eric tried to save the world." See, that's what I'm talking about. That's the Norm I remember. They finally find the right spot and Rachel gets off the plane. Rach says she's met both Eric and Norm before, and she loves Norm. Ooh, she conspicuously didn't say that she loves Eric. Interesting. Norm carries her bag for her, and tells us that he has a little crush on her and that he's "bi-coastal" and he thinks she's cute. Okay, the bi-coastal/bisexual joke officially isn't funny anymore.

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