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Real World Reunion

Back in the chicks' limo, Heather is saying that "they are mad phony, yo." She adds that she doesn't want to "pre-judge" the other casts, but she thought they were phony. Well, I think she did just pre-judge them. Heather isn't saying that they had the best season, but Julie is. I think so too, but this will be a recurring theme throughout the show -- the snobbishness of the NY cast. Let me just say that their experience was very different than the other casts. They didn't know what they were getting into, sure. But the producers were also not as manipulative and adept at editing, and the cast was not reduced to stereotypes as much, I don't think. So going first cuts both ways.

Jon from LA is singing at the Hard Rock Nashville. He tells us he doesn't know how to feel about the reunion. He's been touring for a few years and he's back and it's another life. Beth S. and Irene from LA pick him up at the airport. Irene tells us she keeps his picture on her desk. Okay, that's a little weird. I mean, they did have a close friendship during their season, and the producers intimated that Jon was in love with Irene, but it just seems weird. Irene claims that she is not naming her next son after Jon, so she must get that a lot. Jon exits the plane and hugs Beth and Irene. Irene mentions that she talked to his dad. See, their relationship is a little weird. Beth asks him what it was like opening for Alabama, and we see a clip of Jon performing in front of a huge crowd. Irene is excited to see his career taking off. Jon says he recently signed a deal with Capitol Records. I checked, and I couldn't find any information about if he is still on a label at all, which means he's probably not. It's making me kind of sad to watch this, and see the big plans these people have made, but knowing what happens afterwards is pretty much nothing. Okay, I'm over it now. Thought I was getting soft there, didn't you? Jon wants to see Irene's baby. Irene says it doesn't seem like they were ever apart. Jon makes a comment about Beth's bleached blonde hair. Jon hopes for a good experience, not a bad one and Beth says it will be good.

Julie and Heather finally arrive at their hotel. Heather tells some kids in the pool, "No splashing, shorty!" Heather is so sassy. They meet up with Kevin and Becky sitting by the pool. Everyone hugs and stuff. Becky is wearing a crocheted skullcap, which looks pretty good on her. They are all sitting around chatting when Tami from LA walks across the courtyard carrying a baby. Heather gives her the stank-eye. Tami introduces herself and says that no one is there from her cast, so she joins them. Heather repeats that she's not passing judgment (even though she totally is) but that her cast seemed phony. Tami thinks the NY cast has a "slight attitude," and she's right. I love them, but she's right. Heather accuses the people on LA of being always done up for the camera. Tami says she "walked around with scarves on [her] head" half the time. Tami was always herself and she's kind of offended at what Heather is saying. Heather says they showed "every side of [me]." Tami points out that Julie was portrayed as the "naïve, Miss Virgin, Just Don't Know Anything" and Kevin was the "political" and Kevin fills in "angry, black man." Tami presses her luck and says that Heather was portrayed as the "ghetto queen." In a voiceover, Heather says, "What is a ghetto queen?" Julie tells us that the situation with Tami "wasn't cool" and it made for a "tense situation." Everyone just sits there in silence. I guess Tami and Heather won't be swapping recipes anytime soon.

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