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Real World Reunion

On stage, Alison introduces the NY cast, as we see clips from the show. Those clips include Julie asks Heather if she's a drug dealer because she has a beeper, Kevin calling Becky a racist, Norm and Kevin yelling at each other, and Heather wrestling Eric and winning. Heather is wearing a brown catsuit with a sweater tied around her waist. Eric has on baggy pants and a baggy shirt. Julie has one a tight shirt with those wide-leg flowy rayon pants that were popular at the time. Norm looks nice in a suit and tie. Kevin has on a burgundy sweater. Becky has on a black dress. Some of them are carrying bags, like didn't the producers offer to hang onto their stuff for them? They all throw candy to the audience.

I'm just ignoring the "man in the street" questions they show after commercial breaks because they never answer them anyway. A guy in the audience stands up to ask the first question. He pops a sucker out of his mouth, takes a dramatic pause, and says, "Why the hell would you want to do this?" This guy's a big dork. Anyway, Heather yells out that it was free, and that "not many people at twenty, twenty-one years old get to live in such a nice apartment" and that there was free food every week. That was the number one reason she did it, and she didn't care who she had to live with because it was free.

Next question: "Eric, why didn't you ask Julie out?" We see clips of them together. Eric says they were "really good friends" and that Julie had just come from Alabama. Julie gives him a funny look and Heather yells out, "Stop lying! He asked her out and she said no," because Eric always had a lot of girls coming in and out. Heather continues that Eric asked Julie out and she said no like a thousand times. Burn!

The next audience member asks if being on the show changed their lives, and if so, how. Kevin says it affects you psychologically because suddenly everyone knows you on the street. Alison says fame is "a pain in the ass" and it's a good thing she feels that way since she's really not famous anymore. She says fame can help your career, and they show a tape of Eric on The Grind and Heather's music video for All Glocks Down. During the video, Heather and Eric are kind of hugging and cheering and Eric totally feels Heather up. I'm sure it was an accident.

The next person asks Norman, "In disclosing your sexual orientation on the show, did you feel you were being a role model for the gay community?" Norm says he was cautious because he didn't want to be openly gay and have it come off bad, because that would only confirm some people's negative perceptions, and it was a lot of responsibility. We see clips of Norman and Julie at the March on Washington, and Norm with Charles Perez, who I think is now claiming he's straight. Oops. Heather says she didn't know Norm was gay for a long time. Norm says he just "slipped it in," and that comment could be taken the wrong way. Heather says a guy showed up one day and she asked who it was, and someone told her it was Norman's boyfriend, and she was like, "For real?" But his sexual orientation was secondary to her.

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