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Real World Reunion

Alison says they aren't going to tease them, and starts right off by asking Tami and David if they've seen each other since David left. They haven't, but they talked at lunch. David says issues were left as they were, but they've all matured in a year and a half, and when they all saw each other, they breathed a sigh of relief. Tami says this meeting gives them closure, and they all want to just be friends.

Someone asks Beth S., "Regarding the Tami and David incident, do you feel somewhat responsible for instigating it by claiming it was a form of rape?" We see a clip of Beth S. yelling "No means no" at David. It annoyed me more that she was wearing a baseball cap with her pajamas than her ridiculous rape charges. Beth says that she doesn't think about the incident anymore, and that she talked to David, but that she admits it was not "a rape situation." David says rape is a powerful word, and he may be "an a-hole" for pulling the blanket off, and he takes "responsible [sic] for that," but not for rape. Alison asks how watching the tape makes them feel. Tami says she sees David's side now, but when she was in the situation, it changed in the middle for her. David interrupts and says he just wants to give Tami a hug, which he has to climb on top of Beth A. to accomplish. Backstage, Rachel watches on the monitor and says, "You guys, they're hugging." Judd says it's fake, but Cory doesn't think so. Rachel says they were getting along at lunch. Mohammed says he's not into "solving things in thirty seconds" and I agree.

A guy asks, "Do you feel that Dominic and Aaron secluded themselves during the season, and them not being here today shows that?" Objection! Leading the witness! Sorry, I've been watching too much Law and Order. Glenn says he wishes they were there because he misses them. Alison asks if anyone knows what's up with them. Isn't it written on her clipboard? Glen says he talked to Dom, and he just wants to get on with his career and not be known as "Dom from Real World." Jon says that the fact they're not there says a lot. Leave it to Jon to be petty. Tom Petty. I love it.

Someone asks Jon, "Since you're a big star now (he is?), are you still a virgin?" Everyone says, "Ooh!" Eric yells out that it makes Jon a man to hold onto that, and that Jon is strong. In an interview, Jon says he's surprised because Eric is "a hip-hop cool guy that everybody just loves" and he didn't expect him to say that. Jon is so deluded. About Eric, not the virginity thing. Jon replies that his belief in God is very real, so he is still a virgin. I kind of admire that.

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