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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

The last finalist is Julie, a twenty-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who attends Brigham Young University. Julie says she's not perfect, but she's a real person and a Mormon. She doesn't lay drunk in the gutter every day, but she also doesn't sit in church all day praying. When she arrives at the airport, she's all excited because Donny Osmond was on her plane and she's loved him forever. The apartment complex she lives in blocked out MTV and she wrote a letter because she was angry, demanding "free agency." She thinks homosexuality and bisexuality are disgusting. She would discourage someone from being homosexual or bisexual, but she wouldn't be prejudiced against them. The casting director thinks she's not looking at what will happen when the show is over. Julie says she might get kicked out of college for her actions, but she wants to be herself and will leave college if she has to.

Kim: These last two were humdingers, eh?

Stee: They are soooo in the house. I love how they saved the two racist hicks for the end. Sneak them in there.

Kim: There's racist and then there's Theo. He's like American History X kind of racist.

Stee: Friendly racist. Racist, but with the potential for change. I haven't heard "colored people" since my grandma was alive, and she was ninety.

Kim: What was up with Haleh?

Stee: "I couldn't believe this colored girl was pre-med. Yee-haw!"

Kim: My jaw dropped. He enjoys eating raw eggs. What the hell is that about?

Stee: He needs protein for whipping the slaves.

Kim: And what about Julie?

Stee: I yearn for the first-season Julie, with her stripey shorts and Edie Brickell hair.

Kim: I am so disgusted by Mormon Julie, mostly because I know she is on my show.

Stee: BYU. Bigoted Young Uranuses.

Kim: Why did they show a reaction shot of the Asian cook when she said the things about homosexuality?

Stee: I don't know. Did they? That's funny. Maybe he's gay.

Kim: They totally did. It was so weird. He did have an expression on his face like, "The fuck?"

Stee: I wish they had given Theo Julie's casting dude. Big black guy. That would have rocked.

Kim: Or have Theo interviewed by Kameelah.

Stee: And Julie by Ruthie.

Kim: Loved how the fearless five tried to justify the racism/homophobia by saying Theo and Julie would have a chance to grow if they made the show.

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