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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: The fearless five suck. I wish them all well, but man. And how bad were they at reading cue cards at the top?

Kim: Judd just sucks. I'm surprised he didn't start talking about how living with Pedro changed his life and don't miss his new book on that, in bookstores soon.

Stee: Judd does suck. What ever happened to Dom from L.A.?

Kim: Dom wrote for Film Threat for a while.

Stee: Wow. Bet they paid him handsomely! Film Threat -- Circulation: 2500!

Kim: Then he developed cirrhosis of the liver and died.

Stee: No! Shut up!

Kim: I have no idea what really happened.

Stee: Oh. Phew. We would have about heard that. They would do a whole DOM WEEK on MTV. Tyreese, live from the funeral. Carson Daly kickin' it with the grieving family in Belfast.

Kim: No doubt.

Stee: I want a copy of Kaia's poem "Blue," from the last show at the Hawaii store. That shit was touching!

Kim: Don't even joke, because it's in the RW Hawaii book, including verses not seen on the show.

Stee: "Blue. I love you. My one true. My blue." I wrote better poetry when I was in kindergarten. I wrote a poem when I was six, called "If I Were A Toe," and it is literally a better poem than "Blue."

Kim: I dig the people who never have anything to do with evil Bunim-Murray Productions after their show is over. Except Matt. And Colin.

Stee: I agree. Bunim-Murray is evil.

Kim: And this season, we will catalog all the ways in which they are evil.

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