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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: I couldn't believe he called Kameelah "Shaka Zulu."

Stee: It was sort of mean how Kameelah was getting all in his case. Shaka was a funny-ass comment. Poor stupid Jamie. But he did say, "I'm a pimp."

Kim: I repeat, he is down with the homies.

Stee: You know he's on Road Rules just for that. Road Rules is such the punishment league.

Kim: Road Rules is the redheaded stepchild.

Stee: "You fucked up. You're on Road Rules!" It's the MTV ghetto.

Finalist #5 is Melissa, a twenty-two-year-old from Tampa, Florida. Melissa explains that her father is black and her mother is Filipino. She tells a story about her parents watching scrambled cable pornography, and then talks about her mother's love of the layaway policy at K-Mart. Melissa has had problems being friends with girls, especially when she was younger. White girls don't want to hang out with her because she's black. Black girls didn't want to hang out with her because she's "too white" and they called her "MC Proper" because of the way she talked. She doesn't feel she is "ladylike." She doesn't have sex, but she likes to talk about it. She really wants to get out of Tampa.

Stee: Should Margaret Cho sue Melissa for stealing her stand-up routine?

Kim: Yeah, let's laugh about my funny non-American parents. Did you see any of the commercials previewing the new season?

Stee: I tried to ignore them, but I know she's all throwing chairs.

Kim: I admire throwing chairs. That made me like her more than anything else.

Stee: Well, if she hit Irene, that would make me admire her even more.

Kim: I hope they make her go to anger management class. I'm just psyched to see her blow up. It's nice to see a chick who is upfront instead of wishy washy or a back-stabber.

Stee: I know. I like her. And she doesn't have sex much either. All the blondes have sex. Everyone else is all Christian.

Kim: She might get on my nerves though.

Stee: Oh, she will.

Danny, a twenty-two-year-old from Rockmart, Georgia is Finalist #6. Piggy from RR Australia interviews him. Piggy asks him to play word association and when she says, "Guilty pleasures," he replies, "One-night stands." Piggy asks him how many sexual partners is too many, and Danny says, "More than one in a day." He lives with his former girlfriend, who says Danny is cute and he knows it. Danny asks the casting people what their perceptions of him are, and they says he seems like a bad boy who likes trouble. Danny says that he does. He's from a small town, but he always knew there was much more on the outside.

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