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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. Piggy wanted some.

Kim: I love Piggy but she always wants some.

Stee: She needs to get her Limey ass laid. Poor girl.

Kim: What's with putting your ex in your audition tape?

Stee: I know. She's going to HATE him soon.

Kim: I thought he was pretty boring. I didn't see the rampant sex appeal.

Stee: David wanted him some though.

Kim: David most definitely was on that.

Stee: "He's wicked awesome." He loved the smile. I think he's down for some. Well...only Nathan knows for sure.

Kim: I don't like when David smiles because he has bad breath. It creeps me out.

Stee: David would so kick my ass if he read this. I'm kidding, David. Hee hee! Hello? You're all man, with your mousse...

Kim: And your v-neck sweater. I think I saw nipple.

The next finalist is David, a twenty-two-year-old from Chicago, Illinois. He does a funny audition tape where he pretends to be an opera singer. It's kind of difficult to describe. He says he doesn't like to wear too many clothes. Kameelah asks him if he met women when he went on his casting "date." We see tape of the date, where the women are just flocking to him. David says, "Don't hate the playa, hate the game." A casting director asks him to define perfection and he says that he wants to have a "deep well of knowledge, mind, body and spirit." The casting director points out that humans make mistakes, and David says that he doesn't want to be human.

Stee: 4.0 GPA. HUGE. Gets lots of women. I'd like to be him. I'd lose the nose ring though.

Kim: I dug him until he got all spiritual. He had me and then he lost me.

Stee: He got all "Grasshopper" on our ass. Janet had to be toweled off by a PA. On the preview you can see he makes Melissa throw a chair.

Kim: SPOILER: He almost leaves the house like four times because he hates everyone. I think it's because he gets stuck with all the white Christians and Melissa Cho.

Stee: Poor guy. He could go move in with Puck and Irene. I once had an audition here in L.A. and someone was in the room for twenty minutes and I was next. The door opened and Puck came out. I was all, well, I didn't get it. Puck ruins everything. He killed Pedro.

Kim: Puck needs medication.

Stee: I think he's self-medicating.

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