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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

Finalist #8 is Kathryn, a twenty-one-year-old from Thedalles, Oregon. She was raised on a cherry farm, and raised animals for fun and profit. Her father had very high expectations of her in both academics and sports, and he always told her she was above average. Piggy asks her how many sexual partners is too many, and she says she doesn't have a number. In her audition tape, she says that any sexual problem can be solved with duct tape. Guys always want to come back to her place because her bed is "legendary." She tells a long story about a guy named Nate who was feeling her ass in a bar, and thought she wasn't wearing any underwear, but really she was wearing a thong, and she proved it to him. Then she told him to "come upstairs" because she wanted to "play" with him. The final shot is of her riding a mechanical bull in a bar somewhere.

Stee: "Cherry" farmer.

Kim: "Legendary" bed.

Stee: I'll bet she's a virgin. Duct tape?

Kim: Bull riding?

Stee: I've never used duct tape on anyone. I wouldn't even know what to do with it. Maybe fix a leak in her bathroom? Her dad is going to kill her. Shit, after her segment, I was ready to ground her.

Kim: When she was talking about the guy in the bar, I thought she was talking about Nate from RW Seattle.

Stee: Nate? You guys are all on familiar terms and shit.

Kim: She called him Nate. And we are buds, so screw you.

Stee: "Let's go upstairs"? What, does she live above a bar? She blends in.

Kim: Even with the thong?

Stee: Can't they just combine the blondes into one big ho-ish blonde?

Kim: Clearly some of them will get the ax.

Stee: Now, when the five "experts" came back, they again used the term "keeping it real." Will someone slap them please? If Judd said it, I was going to just flip over to the Sundance Channel or something.

Kim: Get it? It's the "real" world.

Stee: Aw yeah! What about Road Rules? Keeping it road? One for the road? My show sucks. I wish I had kept Young Americans.

Kim: The road rules!

Stee: Oh, that's good.

Kim: Do you have any comments on the loser audition tapes montage?

Stee: I wanted the fat black girl belly dancing...and I hope they hire that dog whose owner made an audition tape for him.

Kim: I liked the Christopher Walken lookalike on the roof.

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