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Rebecca Got Back

Rebecca and some guy eat at a Thai Restaurant. Hip, Squiggly Font pops in and tells us that the guy is "Ricardo, Sir Mix-A-Lot's Manager." Nothing against Sir Mix-A-Lot, because everyone knows that "Baby Got Back" is a great song, but even when this season aired, he was pretty old-school. In an interview, Rebecca tells us that Ricardo works with Sir Mix-A-Lot, for the illiterate in the crowd who couldn't read the Hip, Squiggly Font. Rebecca tells Ricardo that music is her "outlet," and her "haven from academia." Rebecca fears that if she went into music as a career, it would ruin her passion. Heh. I used to feel the same way about both writing and watching television. Ricardo tells her that if she doesn't try, she'll always wonder what she could have done. Rebecca says that it's "a double-edged sword," and Ricardo agrees that they are "tough choices." In an interview, Rebecca says that she mentioned to Ricardo that she sang; he told her that Sir Mix-A-Lot was looking for some new backup voices, and she begged him for the opportunity. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that Sir Mix-A-Lot's last album of new material was released in 1996, so I'm not sure why he was looking for new voices, but whatever.

Sir Mix-A-Lot's studio. I guess the royalties for "Baby Got Back" really worked out well for him. ["Well, it is a pretty great song." -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Rebecca says that she struck a deal with Sir Mix-A-Lot that if she sang backup vocals for him, he would produce a song for her. I'm sure that the free publicity of being on MTV had nothing to do with his willingness to accept that deal. Rebecca breathily sings into a microphone. She's not terrible, but her style just isn't my cup of tea. Her song is played back and Rebecca comments that it's "bad," and she likes it. There's some confusion over the fact that she used "bad" to mean "good," like, who's done that since 1976? Outside, Rebecca agrees to write an original song; Sir Mix-A-Lot will "lay it down."

Space Needle Shot #75. Nathan is meeting with Phil, the station director. Phil says that Nathan took on the role he was given, even though it wasn't on the air, and "rebounded two hundred percent." Phil mentions that Nathan is interested in continuing in radio, so Phil offers him the opportunity to take over Irene's slot on Janet and Lindsay's show. Like B/M didn't make him do that. Nathan smiles and says he would definitely like that.

Nathan is at a bar (surprise!) with a bunch of people, and he's talking to a girl. He mentions that he's been with Stephanie for two years, and that today is their anniversary. Then, he goes to get another beer, mentioning that he called Stephanie three times and she hasn't called him back. In an interview, Nathan says that he doesn't drink at home the way he has been in Seattle, and that "drinking can cause a lot of problems." Stephen walks down the street, holding hands with some girl. Nathan walks ahead of him, next to a girl named Lisa. They walk towards an SUV, as Lisa tells Nathan that he needs "sexual intimacy." Nathan says he doesn't, and asks for a cigarette. In an interview, Stephen says that Lisa likes Nathan, and that they "bump into a lot of chicks that like Nate." Must be the soul patch. Nathan and Lisa ride down the street. In an interview, Stephen says that Lisa is "this mad massager." The SUV is parked now. In silhouette, we see Lisa moving towards Nathan, but it's too shadowy to see what's going on. Nathan says, "Nice!" Hee!

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