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Rebecca Got Back

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Rebecca Got Back

Nathan talks to Rebecca outside a bar. He's really drunk, and slurring his words more than usual. Nathan asks whether she wants to walk or get a taxi, and mentions that he needs "to get away from everyone." Rebecca agrees. Nathan tells Rebecca (and David, suddenly) that he's going to walk home because he needs time to think about things. David says he thinks that's a good idea. Rebecca doesn't, probably because Nathan can barely walk. David tells her not to be "a chick." I'd punch him right there. Rebecca points out that Nathan can't even walk, and starts to follow him at a distance. In an interview, Rebecca says that guys act dumb when they're drunk. Wow, Rebecca has unearthed a secret of the ages. Also, girls have been known to act dumb when they're drunk, too.

Rebecca catches up to Nathan, who is crying. Nathan says, "I'm a dick. I'm an asshole." He seriously can barely talk. Rebecca tells him that it's okay and asks what happened. Nathan keeps repeating, "I'm fine. I'm fine." What is he, Lindsay? Nathan tells Rebecca that he fucked up, and that he didn't mean to kiss her. Rebecca asks whom he kissed, and Nathan can't remember her name. Heh. Nathan cries some more as Rebecca tells him that everyone messes up.

Nathan sits at the desk and sobs as the song on the soundtrack says, "This is love if you want it. It's not like a sonnet." Nathan lies in bed, kicks his feet, and cries some more. Watching Nathan cry is really, really boring. But hey, I'm just glad that no one has a fatal disease or commits suicide in this episode.

Rebecca and Janet go rollerblading in a park. They stop for a break, and Rebecca confesses that she went through a stage in life when she would always make fun of herself, by saying things like, "God, I'm such a dork." Who didn't? Join the club. In an interview, Rebecca says that she didn't really have an established sense of self when she came to Seattle. Janet notes that it's impossible to achieve perfection, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. Ooh, she should get a job with SUCKcessories. Rebecca says that she always thought she was "superhuman" and could achieve perfection, but she was really unhappy. In an interview, Rebecca says that she has blossomed in Seattle. Could there be a more boring story line than Rebecca's blossoming? Possibly the blossoming of New Orleans Julie. Yes, that may be it.

Rebecca tells Stephen that Sir Mix-A-Lot is going to produce a song for her. Rebecca's friend Chris is visiting, and they are going to write a song together. In an interview, Rebecca says that Chris is "an incredible songwriter." Stephen asks whether Chris came out to visit Rebecca, saying that he thought Rebecca "picked him up at Sir Mix-A-Lot's house." Heh. In the interview, Rebecca says that Chris will write the tune and she'll write the words, "and then Mix wants [them] to go back into the studio." Ooh, he's "Mix" now. Rebecca and Chris work on the song that will become the super-annoying but oh-so-catchy "Innocent." In an interview, Rebecca says that she lives music, and that she thinks music is poetry. Gack! Sorry. I think I just threw up.

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