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Rebecca Got Back

More transportation. A train, then baggage carts going out to meet an airplane. Nathan nervously waits for Stephanie to arrive, and smiles when he sees her. Stephanie runs up and gives him a big hug. In an interview, Nathan says that when they're hugging, he feels safe. Nathan says that the plan is to get some beers, and Stephanie thinks that sounds good. To enhance the drama, B/M is completely ignoring the other two friends who have come with Stephanie to hang out with Nathan.

In the car, Nathan and Stephanie are giggling, and then she says, "You've changed." Nathan tells her to shut up and asks what's wrong with her. In an interview, Nathan says that he's going to tell Stephanie about the girl he kissed, but not until the end of the trip, because he doesn't want her to have a bad time while she's there. I don't know. I'm of two minds about it. On the one hand, what he said. On the other hand, if he told her right away, they would have the chance to talk about it in person. And if he told her at the end, all of her memories of the trip would be tainted. Wow, I just put way too much thought into that.

Nathan, Stephanie, and the two nameless friends arrive at the radio station. They hang out in the conference room, drinking beer. In an interview, Janet says that Nathan arrived with an entourage, and that it was a special moment for him. I never noticed before how much Stephanie looks like Amaya. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's nervous to go on the air, and that having her there adds more pressure. Nathan drinks a beer as Lindsay starts the show and introduces Nathan. Stephanie sits in the studio, drinking a beer and listening. I would totally tell her to go wait in the other room, but maybe that's just me. ["It's not just you. Bug off, Yoko." -- Wing Chun] Nathan does his little piece fairly well. Tony the show producer comes in and "recommends" that Nathan not drink while he's on the air. You think? He mentions that he thought Nathan was just going to finish his open beer, but then Nathan opened another one. Nathan totally gets it, but Tony keeps going on and on about it. Tony takes the beer to put in the refrigerator, like it wouldn't be flat by the time the show is over. In an interview, Janet says that Tony is laidback, and that she knows he didn't like doing that, but that "it was a necessary measure." Stephanie's and Nathan's friends drink beer in the break room. In an interview, Lindsay says that it's "not appropriate to drink beer, necessarily, when you're working." Unless you're a recapper for MBTV, that is.

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