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Rebecca Got Back

Lindsay ends the show. Tony tells Nathan that they'll "probably have a 'no guests' thing from now on." Nathan asks what's wrong with his friends' being there. Dude! It's your job. You don't bring your friends to hang out at your workplace. Again, unless you're a recapper for MBTV. Tony says that he heard reports that they were getting kind of rowdy, and were "making a party out of it, with the beer." Yeah, inappropriate. Nathan says it's not a problem, and Tony says, "No harm done." Janet looks pissed. Or tired.

Space Needle Shot #76. Nathan and Stephanie lie in bed. Stephanie apologizes for not doing everything she can to make it better. Nathan tells her that he hasn't replaced her with anybody. Cut to Stephen, on the phone, telling a friend about Nathan kissing Lisa. Heh. Stephen says that Lisa was "puking and crying" and "so beat down," but that she gives "mad massages." In an interview, Nathan says he felt "like complete dirt." In bed, Stephanie tells Nathan that he's her best friend, and that it's hard not having him around. Nathan replies, "Same with you." On the phone, Stephen says he hopes they "weather the storm." Nathan and Stephanie fall asleep in each other's arms.

Oh, Jesus, I had completely forgotten about the "Rebecca records a song" story line. Rebecca is in the studio, preparing to record her song. It sounds very much like The Sundays. In an interview, Rebecca says that when she sings or performs music, "it's like an outpouring of [her] soul," and "it makes things so comprehensible." I would make fun of that statement, but in recent interviews, she's talked about how embarrassed she is by it, so I'll leave it alone. Rebecca finishes that song, and Sir Mix-A-Lot tells her he wants to tape three more. Rebecca would love to, because she thinks "it's the most fun thing in the world."

Nathan gives Stephanie a piggyback ride. Stephanie tries on a dress, and she really does have a great figure. I'd never noticed before, because she usually wears such baggy clothes. Nathan and Stephanie sit on a bench on the street. Nathan says that he won't change. Stephanie feels like she's holding him back. Nathan says that she gives him the inspiration to do the things he's done. What, get really drunk? Cheat on her? Stephanie says that she's scared, and Nathan says that he is too, but they love each other so much that things will be fine. I just realized that the vocal track doesn't match up with their actions. Obviously, this is a voice-over meant to look like it's what they were saying at the time. Not that it matters. In an interview, Nathan says that Stephanie will probably be mad at him for not telling her about Lisa right away, but he doesn't think it's the place or time. Plus, he's probably scared she'll punch him in the face. They kiss and walk down the street.

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