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Rebecca Got Back

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Rebecca Got Back

In the radio station conference room, Rebecca plays her song for Nathan and Lindsay. Rebecca tells them that she wrote and sang it, and that Sir Mix-A-Lot produced it. Nathan asks, "You wrote all the words?" No, Nathan, she wrote every other word. Dumb-ass. In a confessional, Rebecca says that she may seem meek, but that she's strong, and that there's not much that she thinks she can't do. She says it's not arrogant, but it's "inner faith." She doesn't come off as arrogant, anyway. Flashback to Rebecca recording her song. Oh, great. Now I'm going to have this stupid song in my head all day tomorrow. After the song is over, Lindsay says she really likes it a lot. Nathan says he's proud of her, and encourages her to give it to someone at the station. Or, try to get it played on national television. Oh, she just did!

At a bar, Nathan offers up a toast for Stephanie and his friends' last night in Seattle. In an interview, Janet says that she has no doubt that Nathan loves Stephanie "with all of his heart, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her." Everyone dances. I guess that means they are getting drunk. Back at the house, Nathan is drunk and wondering where seventy-five dollars goes at a bar. Hell, if he was drunk enough, he probably just lost it somewhere. Not that it has ever happened to me. But I've, uh, seen really drunk people take money out and put it on the table, and then forget it's there. Nathan babbles that he has tons of money. Across the room, Rebecca looks at him in disgust. I think David was passed out on Rebecca's lap. In an interview, Rebecca says that if Stephanie asked Nathan to quit drinking or she would break up with him, he would quit drinking, but he doesn't see his drinking as a problem.

Stephanie talks to Rebecca. Across the room, Nathan confides in Janet that he doesn't want to tell Stephanie about Lisa. Janet says he's just drunk. Nathan starts crying again and says he loves Stephanie and wants to marry her. Janet tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself, because he is an incredible person. Who cheated on his girlfriend. Stephanie walks over and notices that Nathan's crying, but Nathan tries to play it off like he's upset about the money he spent at the bar. In an interview, Nathan says that there were four or five times that he "almost blurted it out and told her." Stephanie asks again why he's upset, and Nathan cries some more. Stephanie asks him to come with her, and starts walking away. Nathan yells at her for walking away. God, drunken people are annoying sometimes. As Stephanie leaves, Nathan continues to talk to himself, saying, "She'll probably be pretty excited when she finds out that I cheated on her." Then he cries some more.

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