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Rebecca Got Back

The alarm clock goes off at 4:02 AM so that Stephanie can get up and to the airport. Nathan finally made it to bed, but he doesn't hear it. Neither does Stephanie, or David, or Stephen, who are also all sleeping in the room. Suddenly, it's 5:33 AM. Stephen calls to Stephanie and asks what time her flight leaves. Stephanie takes a moment to gain consciousness, but then realizes that her flight leaves in less than half an hour. She tries to wake Nathan up, but he mumbles, "It's okay." Stephanie can't exactly spring out of bed, because she's naked. I think it's pretty inconsiderate to sleep naked when there are two other guys in the room, but maybe that's just me. Stephanie is still trying to get Nathan to haul ass out of bed while she gets dressed, but he doesn't quite seem to get it at first. In an interview, Nathan says that they got up at 5:45 AM and the flight left at 6:10 AM. They walk out the door, and Stephanie screeches that they only have ten minutes. Nathan tells her to get off his case. You know, if he has seventy-five dollars to spend at the bar, you'd think he could also afford to buy her another ticket if she couldn't change the time on that one.

They hustle into the car and take off. Where are the friends who came with her? I guess they had different flights. They pull into the airport at 6:01 AM. In an interview, Nathan says that if they hadn't been drinking, they would have been up on time and had plenty of time to say goodbye at the airport. He didn't get to hug her and tell her how much he loves her. Or that he cheated on her. Nathan runs into the airport, but I guess her flight boarded already, because suddenly he's back at the car. He voice-overs that he's drinking a lot, and that it might have ruined his relationship with Stephanie.

Back at the house, Nathan sits in the car, and probably cries. You can't see his face, but at this point, can't we just assume? He voice-overs that he doesn't know what's going to happen when he goes home, which is "the worst feeling [he's] ever had." In an interview, Nathan (surprise!) cries and says that, in the past few weeks, he's imagined a future without Stephanie, and he doesn't like the way it feels. Man, either he's putting on a bravura performance, or he really loves her. Loved her. Nathan sits on the bed in the dark and puts his head in his hands.

Guess what? In the next episode, they leave the house!

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