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Marathon Man

Day. Sunrise. Island. Key West. House. Zach says that he's excited about the marathon and can't wait to watch Tyler run. Tyler is controlling and bitchy, but everyone keeps smiling, until John walks in and asks what everyone is talking about. Tyler immediately gets defensive and says, "Okay, John. I don't want to be offensive..." and he goes on to stumble through a really bad explanation of why he has only invited Paula, Zach, and Jose to come to West Palm for the night to watch him run the marathon. John blows it off, saying that he didn't want to come anyway, so it's cool. Zach's askew hat feels the tension in the air and doesn't like it one bit. Tyler camera-queens to us that he didn't invite Janelle, John, or Svet because he didn't want them to "steal the attention." A more revealing excuse was never offered.

Once Tyler leaves, John bitches that this is just another instance of Tyler only thinking about himself. He's clearly upset and tells us that this isn't the first time Tyler has dis-invited him somewhere. Janelle extensions into the room and asks for the now-returned Tyler to explain the situation to her. Tyler continues to stutter through an explanation that he didn't actually tell anyone about coming to watch the marathon but rather that Paula and crew asked. Janelle says that she's not about to invite herself somewhere when she's clearly not wanted. (She right about that.) Jose tries to defend Tyler but it doesn't work. (Just don't bother, Jose. You're better off sitting firmly in the shadows, collar erect, and, I don't know...thinking about your rental properties.) Janelle and Tyler go back and forth about being busy and how it doesn't take a long time to mention something to your closest friend in the house and how this is exactly what Tyler was trying to avoid, and John just watches. Tyler brats that this isn't about anyone's feelings, but rather about him trying to run 26 miles. (What about the .2?) But now Tyler has stumbled upon a line of arguing that he feels good about so he gathers up steam and says that Janelle shouldn't try to twist it and that so what if he's self-centered -- her "bitch-ass" is too. (Oh, no he didn't!) Janelle denies that it's true, but Tyler rubber-necks on, saying that Janelle is acting like a victim and that no one got a "hand-written invitation." More fighting. More fighting. And suddenly the argument ends with Janelle's hand and a "stop there," but we can tell it's not over. I'm not sure who won but I know who lost. Me.

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