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Day. Florida from above. Key West. House. Meanwhile...John and Janelle find their notes and realize that it's just more justification and not a real apology from Tyler. Janelle and John bitch. Shit, I'd almost rather go watch Tyler waddle for 26.2 miles than stay here and listing to this whining.

FORD! Driving. A sunburned Tyler wears a "participant" medal around his neck. Heeeee. He quips that he didn't want to cross the finish line like a "maimed little bitch" but he's happy they were there for him. Paula says that it was one of the coolest things she's ever seen. Tyler voice-overs again how he didn't want to need his roommates to motivate him across the finish line and...dude, you just said that. The sun must have addled his mind.

At the house, Zach helps wrap Tyler's knee as Tyler gimps up the stairs. "Miss Daisy here will be up the stairs shortly," he says. I'm not sure what that means, and yes, I've seen the movie. It still makes no sense.

Tyler takes a bubble bath. I wish it ended there, but we have to stay with him as he splish-splashes and tells a hair-curling Paula that he now respects Jose. Ooh, really! How kind of you Lord Tyler to bestow your respect upon the faux ghetto child. And also, no. You were totally pissed at him when he was babbling on. Anyway, Tyler says that he's hoped he could "encourage" Jose to open himself up, but he realized Jose will only do it when it's genuine. Yeah, that fake Olive Garden moment was totally off the cuff and not at all planned or scripted by Jose. Anyway, we intercut them talking about how awesome they now think Jose is with shots of Jose in the office looking at porn. Tyler confessionals that this was a bonding weekend for the four of them and a perfect time for young Jose to open up and how great is Tyler that he provided that to them. And also: he "respects" the three of them now. Oh, they will be so happy. Paula covers up a pimple. Tyler gets a little too far out of the bubbles for my taste.

Night. Street. Bike pagoda guy. John and Janelle drink at an outdoor bar, still bitching about Tyler. John is just going to expect Tyler to be rude now and won't expect much else from him. Janelle hopes to make Tyler respect people's feelings more but she's not one to hold grudges, she tells us. Oh, so I guess he's not "dunzo" after all. Janelle thinks Tyler is fun and cool and doesn't want this to be the end of their Will & Grace-hood. I can't believe she's just going to forgive him. Pussy.

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