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When Kasib walks out, Janelle's happy greeting is, "What's up? You've only got two bags?" That's what I call happiness at seeing an old friend. One of his bags is Louis Vuitton, and I'm going to guess knockoff. Recapper Confession Time: I got stuck with someone visiting like this one time when I didn't want him to, and that ended in some serious tears and him threatening to make a scene at my friend's wedding reception. So yeah, it's true that you can somehow get swept up in someone visiting and not be able to say no. But at least I wasn't playing out our problems on national television, and I also learned from it and never spoke to him again. I'd wager a guess that what's going to play out between these two is not going to be their Maiden Voyage of Ugly Fighting. (Whoops, I didn't just spoil anyone, did I?)

Kasib comes into the house and meets all the roommates, and John gets the Quote of the Episode: "Kasib seems like a really chill guy; they've been, I guess, on and off for quite some time now. [Janelle]'s bringing him into this environment to try and rekindle a dysfunctional relationship, and I think it's gonna turn out to be pretty interesting." Janelle and Kasib head to her room, and while John predicts that they'll be getting "cardiovascular," she's reading a magazine and he's lying there as she says she misses him. It really rings true since she's reading as she says it. They do eventually curl up under the blanket.

While making dinner, Kasib asks if he's got a curfew, too, and Janelle says that she's got a curfew for him. In a voice over, she wonders why he even cares if he's there to see her. Not quite a brain surgeon, this one. Zach witnesses the whole thing and wisely doesn't get involved. Kasib just seems like a jackass.

Back out at a club, the gang plus Kasib meets up with Jessica. Jose tells Zach2 that he wants to make sure Jessica comes over to the house afterward, though she's protesting about work. Not a good sign -- take it from a girl who's used the same excuse.

Meanwhile, Janelle is standing around looking pissed as Kasib chats up everyone in the bar, and then decides to invite some girls back to the house. Class-ay. Predictably, Janelle yells at him. Kasib brushes it off and tells her to back off; she acts all of pissed, surprised, and hurt that he would do this. These two are wasting precious moments of my life. Outside, Janelle starts crying, and so Kasib helps the situation by telling her that she's got a bad attitude. Eventually, Kasib tells Janelle that he doesn't want to listen anymore, and she declares that the night is over. "This is just how it is between him and me," she says. Then it's your own damn faul, moron. Sheesh, I've typed that word so many times these past two weeks that I've set it to auto-complete in Word.

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