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Oh, so now they decide to blur Kasib's mock-designer luggage. Maybe they checked the certificate of authenticity when they were out at the bar. Janelle and Kasib fight; they yell the very same things over and over, and the only thing worth pointing out is that when they're arguing about the girls he invited over, he actually yells, "Did I invite them?" as if Janelle only assumed that and it's not on camera for America to see. Eventually he decides to leave, muttering that he should have stayed at home. Well...yeah. Tyler says something so that they can give him a moment of screen time, calling this "the most expensive booty call [he's] ever seen." He's not entirely wrong, but it pains me to say that.

Somehow, Jose is at home and apparently couldn't get Jessica to come home with him, because he's on the phone trying to convince her to come over. He does, even though she's following every single rule for "trying to let a guy know you aren't interested in him That Way without having to say it to his face." Zach2 gets on the phone to tell Jose, "It's a good thing I like you." How very dad-like of him.

Zach, John and some other friend named Justin are in the Jacuzzi drinking beers and drunkenly going over the whole Janelle thing in that special clipped-sentence drunken manner. Basically, John thinks that Janelle "insulted [Kasib's] manhood" and was a bitch to send him packing. Way to choose sides without knowing what was going on, buddy. Zach2 comes out and grabs a beer, telling the guys how much Jose owes him for getting Jessica there. John seems to be the narrator for the hour, saying that Jessica has been against coming to the house since they met her.

There's some shots of Jessica looking for Zach2, hugging her cardigan tight around her, and she clearly seems not to want to be alone with Jose. At least, I'm certain that's what the Us Weekly body language expert would say. Jessica and Jose sit at the end of the dock and discuss relationships awkwardly, like we all have done at some point in our lives. Jose still likes her, blah blah blah.

Phone rings. It's Kasib calling for Janelle. After a little voice-over from Tyler about how Janelle says that her relationships end because she's selfish, Kasib tells her that all the hotels are sold out, so he orders her to come pick him up and won't listen to whatever she wants to say. She agrees, but says that he has to get a cab since it's after curfew. Kasib gets pissed off, and Janelle suggests that he just go to the airport. I can see it: a little bit of a spine is starting to form. I'd say her relationships end because she's a big old doormat rather than selfish, but potato, potahto. Kasib yells at her, they argue, and Janelle says, "I don't have time to deal with other people's BS." Neither do I, lady; just hang up on him and never speak to him again. Done, finito, easy as pie. Kasib says that he's coming over, but she tells him not to bother; she'll have Production call the police. Kasib tells her to go right ahead, since he's coming. This is not good for my rage, people. Maybe these two are truly meant for each other if they keep dealing with all of this bullshit.

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