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Relationships Are a Bitch

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Relationships Are a Bitch

Annoying sits down at the table with Tetanus Girl and groans, and pronounces herself a sucker for romance. Or the wiener. One or the other. Tet Girl tries to be supportive, and Annoying says that it's not fair for Colin to be affectionate at night and ignore her during the day. Tet Girl actually gives her some good advice, noting that Colin is young, and has hang-ups, and Annoying needs to get out now or accept what Colin has to offer.

Teck is introducing another woman named Andrea to Wonder Bread, Ruthie and Tet Girl. Andrea seems to actually care what the roommates' names are, and she's not wearing a see-through blouse, and Wonder Bread's not sneaking up behind her drooling. Teck says he met her at Local Motion and she has a glow about her that sucks him in. In the bedroom, he asks her to fold clothes and she says no. Then he hands her a bunch of condoms and asks her to consolidate them. She makes fun of the fact that one of them is vanilla flavored. I have to say, if this is how Teck picks up the ladies, I wouldn't be surprised to find out he DOES pay for sex! Luckily, Andrea is having none of that. I wish Annoying could borrow her spine.

Later, Teck asks Andrea her career goal. She says she HAS a career -- she's a yoga instructor, massage therapist, artist and musician. Teck asks her if she's thought about marriage and then proceeds to put all the food on his plate into his mouth all at once, in the worst display of table manners ever. She ignores this somehow and talks about how she doesn't want to deal with deceit, and how cheating's not worth it, even though he asked her about marriage. She was probably distracted by Teck talking with his mouth full. Then there's a montage of them kissing and cuddling and hugging and the music says, "You might be more than a one-night lady" and Teck tells us he's really attracted to Andrea but suddenly his hair is white. Looks like that disease that Justin has where your hair changes color from scene to scene is contagious. Or it's bad editing. One or the other.

Wonder Bread has no life, so he insists on nosing in on those of his roommates. To this end, he asks Andrea if she missed her flight and she says Teck asked her to stay a little longer. Andrea says Teck's dad is coming to town and that he's a G. Wonder Bread pretends he knows what that means, and laughs and then says that he would like to see the mix that produced Teck which is kind of a rude thing to say to his girlfriend.

Teck and Andrea greet Teck Sr and Kathy at the airport with leis. I don't know if Kathy is Teck's stepmom or his dad's girlfriend or a complete stranger or what. This is never explained. She's just Kathy. Teck Sr. thinks that Andrea is a roommate at first but Teck sets him straight. Teck says his dad "is very educated and brilliant. He should've been a doctor or lawyer but instead got called to ministry so I'm going to do what he should've done". So, in other words, Teck doesn't feel his father's job is very important. And second, can you imagine Dr. Teck?

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