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Relationships Are a Bitch

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Relationships Are a Bitch

Annoying and Wonder Bread are talking about Colin. Wonder Bread has a lime green terrycloth shirt on and it's blinding me. Annoying says that Colin is mean to her because he doesn't want to be obvious. To who? Everyone in the house knows they are sleeping together, and at this point the camerapeople obviously do too. So much for that theory. Wonder Bread says, "Why would you kiss someone who's a jerk to you?" but doesn't finish it with,"When I'm so lonesome and desperate, I would let you walk all over me." Annoying says when she is alone with Colin he turns into Mr. Sweet Pea. There's a lot more talk, but basically Wonder Bread is trying to tell Annoying that Colin says really mean things about her behind her back and denies their relationship, and Wonder Bread doesn't think that's right, but he doesn't have the cojones to say that to Annoying's face.

Suddenly we flash back two weeks to the scene where Colin and Annoying are sitting in the hammock together. Annoying asks Colin to be nice to her, and to be more open with the roommates. Colin says he will try. I don't think the editors meant this to be a flashback, though. I think we were supposed to think it was happening at the same time as everything else.

Andrea, Teck, Teck Sr. and the mysterious Kathy have a conversation over a meal about the state of African American men in society. Andrea makes some good points. I like her. Teck says Andrea is the kind of woman his father wants him to be with, which is the main reason he asked her to stay and meet him. I really hope Teck isn't just using Andrea while his dad's in town and will then ignore her once his dad leaves.

Teck tells Tetanus Girl that he could never marry a white woman. He needs someone who's been oppressed like him. Tet Girl says that when white people say "I feel your pain", it's condescending. And she should know, being an African American studies major. Teck says a sister understands the struggles of being black intrinsically.

Teck sees Andrea off at the airport. He's glad she stayed longer, but he's also itching to get back to sowing his wild oats. I think Andrea deserves better.

Colin sits on the wall and writes furiously in his journal. In a confessional, he tells us that he was always having to say goodbye to his mom growing up, and it hurt. So now he doesn't want to get close to anyone, so that he never has to say goodbye. But he realizes this and is trying to change it. I'm not even going to make fun of him for crying because I thought this was kind of touching.

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