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Replacing Frankie

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Replacing Frankie

Brad talks to Andrea on the phone again. Every time they show that phone room, I am totally disgusted by the blue carpet in there, which clearly hasn't been vacuumed in weeks. It's so dirty. Anyway, Andrea says that she had a dream that the producers asked her to be the new roommate, and that she couldn't tell Brad, so she just showed up as a surprise. Of course, the producers didn't do that, because that would have actually been interesting. Andrea baits Brad by saying that he probably wants another female roommate. Brad responds to her bullshit by saying he doesn't. In a confessional, Brad says that he has no idea what kinds of people will walk through the door.

Cut to some Lenny Kravitz-looking dude walking up to the house. The girls totally spy on him, and Brad hangs up with Andrea to get in on the action. Cameran calls everyone together, and the guy knocks on the door.

After the commercials, the guy walks in the door. Cameran greets him, and the guy is introduced as Bobby, age twenty-four, from Austin, Texas. Cameran apologizes for the dirtiness of the house. So they couldn't clean it because...? Brad and Bobby do some sort of awkward, complicated handshake. Bobby immediately notes that it smells like fish in there. Way to win over your potential roommates. "Wow, your house stinks. Can I live here?" Bobby says that he's nervous, and proceeds to answer every question that they ask with "joke" answers, and I put that word in quotes because his answers aren't remotely funny. He's trying way too hard. Brad interviews that Bobby is "a cool cat" with "a real unique style" and "a positive vibe." Jacquese stares at Bobby with the biggest look of disgust on his face. Jacquese interviews that there's something about Bobby that he doesn't like. Maybe because, like Jacquese, Bobby tries way too hard to be the funny one? Bobby says that he wants to be a roommate so that he can be part of something cool and something big. Jamie interviews that it made her feel like Bobby isn't there to get to know six strangers. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you're really on the show to get to know new people, why not just move into a house with six strangers, and no cameras? That's such bullshit. It's not like Jamie went and joined the Peace Corps in order to experience new things.

Anyway, the interview continues, and then Bobby joins the other men outside to play some basketball. Jamie says that she wants to see the other candidates, and Robin says that she likes Bobby. Meanwhile, Bobby asks the other guys how they get along with the ladies. Jacquese and Randy mutter something about a collar that I totally don't understand. The roommates tell Bobby that he should return that evening for a party. Jamie interviews that she wants to see how each candidate reacts in a more casual atmosphere.

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