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Replacing Frankie

That night, Brad reads an email from Andrea. In it, she writes about how she went to see Elf, and that it put her in the holiday spirit, and that she still loves Brad and always will, and then there's a part at the end where she reminds him that he said he was going to buy something when he got home, and asks what it was. She's totally fishing for an engagement ring. Brad interviews that Andrea went out with some other guy, and kissed him. Brad calls Andrea and jokes about her boyfriend, but he's laughing about it. He keeps calling the guy "a dreamboat," and she tells him to shut it. Brad interviews that he and Andrea were dependent on each other, which wasn't good, and if things don't work out between them, he'll know that it wasn't meant to be. Brad tells Andrea that they both need to explore other options. Andrea thinks they've already done that, and Brad says that it's always been short term. Brad interviews that if this experience breaks them up, then they probably weren't meant to be. Brad tells Andrea that maybe they should see what else is out there for real. Haven't they already had this conversation at least twice this season?

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. I have to point you back to a previous Most Awesome Thing, which was another Bunim-Murray show called Starting Over. Last week, the daily soap opera went into repeats, so they are showing the original crazy six roommates all over again. And while I'm not all that interested in rewatching the insanity, if you missed it, this is your chance to see it for the first time. Or maybe back then you didn't have a convenient way to record the show every day (DVR) and now you do. Or maybe back then you had a job, and now you don't. Whatever. Having seen the entire season, I can promise you that it stays awesome the entire time. Sure, there are lulls at times, but then someone even more crazy moves in, and it gets awesome again. So why not add a little craziness to your summer? It will be awesome.

It's time for the roommate selection party. Charlie shows up, and Brad2 and Bobby are already there. Bobby talks about his hair in a stereotypically gay voice. Shut up, Bobby. I already hate you. Brad2 plays pool and flirts with Cameran. Everyone drinks. Charlie pretends that he's just drinking orange juice, but I'm sure that's not true. Robin interviews that the true test is to see how the candidates interact in a social setting. Jacquese and Brad2 walk out to the basketball court and discuss how they both have to pay their own way in life. Jacquese interviews that he really likes Brad2.

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