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Replacing Frankie

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Replacing Frankie

Later that night, Charlie grabs a guitar and starts playing. Bobby sings along, and everyone else drunkenly joins in. We don't get to hear what Charlie is actually playing, probably because they couldn't get the rights. Jamie interviews that Charlie won her over with his music. Everyone laughs and sings along.

Much, much later, Brad yells at the candidates to do something to indicate how much they want to be in the house, because they all seem like good guys. Brad2 rambles on and on about how they can only be themselves. Cameran interviews that Brad2 and Bobby are both trying too hard to impress everyone, and Charlie is just being himself. Hugs are exchanged all around, and the candidates leave. Robin says she's going to have to sleep on the decision. Cameran wants either Brad2 or "Little Rand." Hee! Jacquese liked Brad2. Robin liked Brad2 and Charlie. No one liked Bobby, I guess.

The next morning, the three candidates wait in their hotel rooms. Bobby gets the call first. It's Cameran and she informs him that he's not going to be the new roommate. Thank God. Brad2 gets the call next. Cameran informs him that he is not going to be the new roommate either. Cameran interviews that she feels horrible to be the one to break the bad news.

Charlie gets the call third, and Cameran acts like it's bad news, and then tells him that he's going to be their new roommate. Charlie thinks it will be awesome.

Later, Charlie shows up at the house and gets a giant hug from Jamie. He walks in with his suitcase and tosses it near Frankie's old bed. Cameran asks if Charlie was surprised to be chosen. Charlie says he thought it went well. Cameran interviews that Charlie seems real and genuine. Brad interviews that Charlie will add a lot of positive things to the house. Jamie comes to give Charlie yet another hug, like, does she want him or something?

Brad talks to Andrea again on the phone. Andrea wants to be sure that Brad has told Cameran that things are over, and that he wants to be with Andrea. Brad says he's never talked with Cameran about their relationship at all, so it would be weird to tell her it's over. Brad interviews that he and Andrea are "growing in separate directions" and that they might need to move on. Brad tells Andrea that he'll call her tomorrow, and hangs up.

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