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Roller Boogie

Sarah announces to Willie that she's never talking to Landon again. Willie interviews that it's wrong for a man to tell a woman to fuck off. What does sex have to do with it? I don't think it's wrong for anyone to tell anyone to fuck off, if the recipient is deserving. Willie adds that it's especially wrong since Sarah spent four hours scrubbing Landon's soap scum out of the shower stall. Landon tells MJ that Willie kept them up late talking loudly to his friends, and that it pisses Landon off. MJ says that Landon hasn't ever stood up for himself, and that he needs to do it. MJ interviews that Landon needs to let people know how he feels.

Sarah pathetically calls down to MJ and asks him to come to her room. When MJ arrives, Sarah asks why Landon is being so rude. MJ interviews that when people are upset with Landon, they come to him, and that he feels awkward because he can see both sides. So tell people you're not Landon's press agent and butt out. MJ tells Sarah that Landon feels attacked by the other roommates, not just Sarah, but that he never confronts anyone and it builds up. Sarah says that it still hurts when someone is mean to you. Willie says that if someone had told him at the time that he was being too loud, he would have quieted down. Everyone goes to bed.

Landon wakes up the next day and voice-overs that he doesn't enjoy waking up and feeling like he needs to apologize. He might want to cut back on the demon alcohol, then. There's an entirely too long shot of Landon getting up and picking at his black boxer briefs. The fact that I know Landon wears black boxer briefs is too much information. Sarah tells Mel in the bathroom that Landon was being an asshole last night. Sarah interviews that Landon has to take responsibility for his feelings of rage.

The roommates head to the Northern Home for Children, where they will be building the playground. They meet up Anthony, who will be supervising the project. He gives the roommates an assignment that consists of seven questions. He wants them to have the answers in writing at their next meeting. Each roommate gets a copy of the assignment.

Sarah interviews that Northern Home lets the boys earn the right to go on field trips, and apparently, they will be going roller-skating today. I hope MJ doesn't have painful flashbacks to his birthday party. Then there's like a ten-minute montage of everyone roller-skating, and for some reason, the editors do part of it in blur vision. Whatever.

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