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Ruthie Is a Baby

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Ruthie Is a Baby

Teck and Justin are in the van and Teck says he doesn't think it was right that Ruthie's friends were there. It scares me how much I find myself agreeing with Teck lately. Teck says it was cool for her sisters to be there, but not her friends. The house members are a semi-family, and you don't discuss family business in front of company, especially when you don't have glasses for them. (Remember, last week Teck was mad about Ruthie smashing the glass because now he won't have glasses when company comes over? Get it?)

Ruthie and friends are out drinking. In a confessional, Ruthie says that she got good grades and never missed classes in college, even though she was drinking. At the bar, her friend says, "Jamie got a 4.0, finished college in three years and went out EVERY NIGHT!" I'm thinking Rutgers is WAAAY too easy a school. I'm also wondering whether she went out every night and got drunk to the point of getting kicked out of bars, breaking things, driving drunk, and getting her stomach pumped, to cite a few examples à la Ruthie. Ruthie says that if they make her see a counsellor, maybe everyone at Rutgers should too.The Rutgers administration must be so proud.

Colin confronts WB about ratting them out to Ruthie (hooray!). Colin says he doesn't like to be lied to, and that WB telling Ruthie about the meeting let Ruthie behave as if the meeting was on her own terms. In a voice-over, Colin says, "Anyone with half a brain realized Matt told her about our plans," which explains how Colin and Annoying figured it out. Colin goes on, "You undermined us and I don't like being lied to," and Annoying chimes in with, "She's been sitting on this for two days and that has made her feel more threatened and now it's all screwed up." I have to say, Annoying is not so annoying when she is standing up for herself. Too bad she doesn't do it more often. Why was she holding a bowl of food? I'm guessing Colin took WB outside to have a talk and Annoying ran out there once she realized what was going on.

In a confessional, WB says, "I know what I did was correct. Hiding the truth to get to a deeper truth is more important." Asshole. In a different confessional, Annoying says, "We are all Ruthie's ally [sic] and we want her to be helped. But Matt needs to work with us too."

Back at the bar, Ruthie's friend says Ruthie's not an alcoholic -- she's just bored. Didn't these people have mandatory alcohol-awareness training at college? I know my college did. Obviously they weren't paying attention. Then the friend says exactly what Ruthie does NOT need to hear: "YOU don't have an alcohol problem."

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