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Ruthie Is a Baby

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Ruthie Is a Baby

Rachel (Ruthie's older sister) is at the house, and says, "Two days ago, my little sister tried to commit suicide." Okay, unless something happened off-camera, no, she didn't. I realize that you should take it seriously when someone even TALKS about suicide, especially someone as unstable as Ruthie is, but let's not be melodramatic. She stood on a balcony and talked about jumping. She did not threaten to jump, or get on the railing, or anything like that.

Anyway, Rachel says she is scared, and that Ruthie needs to get out of the house, but that the house also means everything to her, and Rachel doesn't know what to do. Colin tells her to do what is safest, and Tet Girl urges her to get medical treatment for Ruthie. Colin also points out that it will be hard in the short term because Ruthie will blame Rachel for taking action, but in the long run it's the right thing. WB totally reverses what he said before, when he says, "She needs to be in a place she can't check herself out of." What happened to letting her make her own decisions? What happened to getting her to admit she needs help? Whatever, Wonder Bread.

Colin says they can call one of those twenty-four-hour help lines at a clinic and try to get Ruthie admitted against her will. He calls a few places and finds out that even her sister can't get her admitted for longer than forty-eight hours. What's funny is that the captioning says, "moody, mid-tempo pop music playing." That cracked me up. Rachel goes outside and cries some more.

Colin says that they need to decide what they're doing right now, with a house meeting, and that they can't let this linger. Justin says that they have to find a way to get Ruthie to commit herself, and that the only leverage they have is the house.

WB says, "The other five roommates don't want Ruthie in the house anymore," which is so not true. They want Ruthie to get help, and they realize that the only way they can convince her to get treatment is by threatening to kick her out. But WB needs to believe that he is the only one who truly cares. He goes on, "I'm slowly cracking. I feel tears in my gut that are about to jump out my eyes." What? Tears in his gut? In case we don't get that WB is in turmoil, the music says, "What are we to do with her?" Jesus, next they're going to crank up, "How do you solve a problem like Maria" from The Sound of Music.

WB says he feels like he is slowly breaking down. Tet Girl prints out a notice of a mandatory house meeting and puts one on everyone's bed. She says, "A lot of who Matt is depends on people needing his help. I think he has the potential to snap." Suddenly, WB is sobbing on the floor.

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