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Ruthie Is a Baby

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Ruthie Is a Baby

Tet Girl walks in and shows no emotion. No arm around the shoulder, no pat on the back. She just says, "Matt, what is going on?" He cries some more, she tells him to be strong, and I think about changing the channel.

The next morning, WB dons his shades inside the house and calls an Intervention Specialist one episode too late. He tells her that one of his roommates is an alcoholic, and that he's only known her two months but she puts her life in danger three times per week. The specialist says, "Have you done anything like this before?" and I was hoping she would go on to say, "Because you really shouldn't without training. A lot of people think the alcoholic will just ask for help, but that rarely happens." No such luck. Anyway, WB tells us in a confessional, "I jump on the phone to an intervention specialist and she conveys to me..." Wait, I have to interrupt. Why can't he say, "I called an intervention specialist who told me..." These are the things that annoy me.

Anyway, apparently the person who delivers the speech has to have a great rapport with Ruthie. Oh, so they're going to let her SISTER do it? Oh, no. WB continues, "I get along great with Ruthie. Ruthie, in this moment, trusts me." Only because she has not yet learned what a conniving liar you are, and that you'd throw anyone under a bus to make yourself look better.

Ruthie is at her sisters' hotel, and complaining that she has to go to this mandatory meeting, and that she hopes they will talk with her, not at her (kind of like she did in her meeting, right?), and support her.

WB and Tet Girl are standing outside the house. WB says that he is going to do the talking. It's going to be concise and specific to the terms of what they all want. I'm not convinced that WB can BE concise, but he's certainly better than Tet Girl. Inside, Colin tells Annoying that only WB will speak. Annoying asks if he's gonna crack and Colin says he thinks WB will do a fine job. Annoying does that sing-song thing: "I hooooope soooo, he broke down last night." Hey, way to listen to your friend sob openly and just ignore it, Annoying. Outside, WB kisses Tet Girl on the cheek and says, "Love you." and she looks a bit startled and says, "Yeah, me too" as they head inside.

The meeting begins with WB telling Ruthie that they are all concerned for her safety and want her to get some outside help at a women's treatment facility. She will stay there for thirty days. After that, she can choose to come back to the house, but she will still have to get support. Her other choice is to move out in twenty-four hours.

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