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Ruthie's Dead

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Ruthie's Dead

Now we get to see the cast arriving at the house. Teck is first. Teck talks about how racially tolerant he is, while they show his audition tape on which every single person is black.

Teck gets in a cab which goes to pick up Ruthie. She tells us she is thinking about Jess. (Hmm, Jess could be a boy or a girl.) They show a clip of Ruthie and Jess hugging on the beach -- still unsure. Finally they show their faces and -- hey, Jess is a girl! Boy, those producers are tricky. Anyway, the cab pulls up and Ruthie gets in.

Next, we see Matt. One question: why would you wear a Hawaiian shirt in Hawaii? He tells us he's ready for a serious relationship. Matt picks up Amaya, who is 21 and from Oakland, CA, and also a student at UCLA. Amaya says she has wanted to work in the entertainment industry since she was 3. Matt has one of the funniest lines of the episode: "When I was 3, I was crapping my shorts and watching Sesame Street." Amaya and Matt must have been having a boring conversation because they don't show them much more.

That's probably because Teck and Ruthie have arrived at the house. Ruthie does this really annoying giggle after every sentence. Teck keeps looking at the camera and making faces. It bugs me. As the gates open at the house, I hope that velociraptors are going to pop out and eat them, because it looks like a smaller version of the gate from Jurassic Park. No such luck. Instead, they decide to go skinny-dipping. Really, they do this all the time. It has nothing to do with the camera being there.

After the commercial, Matt and Amaya arrive to find their roommates naked in the pool. Teck invites them into the pool. Call me a prude, but I agree with Matt -- no naked, especially not on the first day. Matt continues to stand around looking awkward in the dorky Hawaiian shirt that I still can't believe he wore.

Next cast member is Tetanus Girl who says, "It's not JUST that I have so much charisma when I walk into a room, people look at me -- it's that I back it up." On behalf of Sars, I would like to award this woman the Golden Stepladder Award. The trophy is a gigantic golden stepladder, as big as her ego (and that's big) which she should use to climb up and get over herself.

Matt tries to find someone else who is as uncomfortable with nudity as he is. Guess what, brother -- Tetanus Girl's not it. Next, Matt furthers his humiliation by trying to hit on Ruthie who has a GIRLFRIEND! D'oh!

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