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Ruthie's Dead

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Ruthie's Dead

Justin arrives next. He's obviously not long for this house because he's moral, smart and gay. Teck yells out "Are you gay? Are you gay?" and Justin says "Yes." Inexplicably, everyone cheers. While this is better than beating him up, it still seems weird. Why make a big deal about it? Matt continues to look for someone else who is uncomfortable too.

Colin finally arrives, and most of the cast members are surprised to see him, since he was a REJECT and all. That noise you hear that sounds like an approaching helicopter is the collective sound of the casting directors patting themselves on the back for being SO DARNED CLEVER! Like we didn't all figure it out anyway. Amaya annoys me further by saying "Wait a gosh-darned second here!" Why does every word out of her mouth sound like she's reading a script? Colin has the key, and they enter the house.

Of course, the house is great. Do you think the New York and LA people are bitter? I mean, their places were okay, but nothing compared to the last three seasons.

Matt shows off his judgmentality by not wanting to room with Justin, because Justin is gay. So he rooms with Ruthie and Amaya, because he thinks Ruthie is hot. So, let me get this straight. It's not cool for Justin to potentially hit on you as his bunkmate (which he wouldn't, because you're a dork) but it's okay for you to hit on Ruthie as your bunkmate. Oh, I see. You're not just judgmental, you're a hypocrite too.

Teck and Tetanus Girl room together. We find out Tetanus Girl is a vegan and Teck is a convenience store, since his motto is "all day, every day".

Justin and Colin get stuck with the bunkbeds. Wait, they have this huge, beautiful, multi-million dollar house, and then they have bunkbeds? What's up with that? But the producers don't try to stir up controversy. Because you wouldn't be sour about getting the bunk beds when everyone else got these beautiful rooms with like king sized beds, would you?

Tetanus Girl and Justin have a nice talk, and she tries to make him feel more comfortable there. Then she takes off her shirt for no apparent reason. Then she says, "I also really, really, really like looking at myself." I hate her.

Amaya has trouble with the word "breasts." So far, she has said "the twins" and "na-na's". Just say "breasts"!

Ruthie cries about her girlfriend to Justin. Colin claims that the castmates are lucky to be there, and then they all drink a lot of alcohol.

The next morning, Ruthie's up early. Kaia is writing a poem on the computer. Matt comments on how much Ruthie drank last night. (Clever use of foreshadowing here!)

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