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Ruthie's Dead

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Ruthie's Dead

The ambulance arrives to take Ruthie away and Amaya is crying. Suddenly, I think Amaya remembers the cameras are watching and launches into full drama queen mode -- "I hope they are dancing their asses off." Justin looks ashamed of her. Matt is hiding behind a street sign.

Matt, Justin and Amaya go to the hospital to find out what's up with Ruthie. Meanwhile, Tetanus Girl, Teck and Colin leave the club and discuss Ruthie in the cab on the way home. Tetanus Girl says that Ruthie was just doing it for the drama and that "there are better ways to get attention." How? By walking around topless all the time? By talking as if your jaw is wired shut? Colin says that Ruthie has a drinking problem. Teck says Ruthie's background is a factor, but it doesn't justify her actions.

Tetanus Girl is topless on the phone at home (because she KNOWS the appropriate way to get attention), talking to Matt at the hospital. Matt agrees to call home every half hour with an update on Ruthie's condition. Tet Girl goes back to the hot tub, where she, Teck and Colin are maxing and relaxing, while Ruthie is dying. Everybody keeps saying Ruthie was "seizuring", which I don't think is a word. Try "having seizures." When Amaya and Justin get home, Amaya acts all bitchy. She obviously knows how to get attention too. I really hate when, instead of telling you they are mad at you, people just act all pouty, and then you have to guess why they are mad, or grovel. Finally Amaya tells Teck why she is mad, and he thanks her for taking care of Ruthie.

Ruthie and Matt come home. Ruthie thinks someone slipped her a mickey, because she couldn't have gotten that messed up on just alcohol. Thankfully, Amaya tells her no one spiked her drink -- she just had way too much. In the kitchen, Tet Girl tells Amaya she is "noble" for taking care of Ruthie. Amaya says she is done baby-sitting, and that Ruthie has a problem. Meanwhile, Amaya is changing her bra or something. It's all very confusing.

Unfortunately, my tape stops here. I was watching, and I know not much else happened except that they showed little scenes from the rest of the season. We have much to look forward to, my friends. See you next week.

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