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Sarah and Her Superpowers Rule!

We're back. Cyn's still on the phone and the roomies are still in trouble. Gee, I hope this doesn't mean the business is going to fail! That would suck. She gets off the phone and tells the roomies that that can't post bills again. "We have to figure out a different way." Now you're talking.

Sarah works away at her way-unglamorous job of loading food service-stuffs into Mike and Terry's pickup truck. She's excited about seeing different parts of Miami and that she's "learned more in four days than in four weeks" with her roomies, who are "more concerned with being hip hostesses than getting their hands dirty." Now that is pretty fucking accurate. Then, she rips the back door thing right off the pickup truck, and everyone busts out laughing. Sarah laughs at herself and says, "My secret powers are acting up!" Hee hee hee.

Boss Hog sing their "Baby, I dig you" song as we see millions of anime/comic pictures and stuff, and Hello Kitty toys, and a computer...hmm, must be Sarah's stuff. She's looking cute in a little blue gingham top and dark carpenter's jeans, and talks to Landon at their kitchen table. As he looks at one of her comic books, she mentions a swimsuit line and how she'd be "stoked" to do that. In the funniest example of a grownup co-opting a young person's speech, Landon says, "Have you communicated just how stoked you would be to your roommates?" Hee! Sarah says no, and that "those guys think I'm nuts when I talk about this stuff." Awww! Landon says, "Your name's in a billion comic books as editor -- why wouldn't they take you seriously?" Sarah says her problem is "sharing -- I want to do it all myself," and that she "has a problem with authority." I SO feel you there, sister.

Then she shows Landon more foxy anime women with names like "Caitlin" and "Roxy" wearing very bodacious "swimsuits," and Landon says he doesn't know if his heart can take it. Perv. Sarah goes on to say, "It's beyond sharing, it's trust. I want to be sure these guys respond to this stuff the same way I do." Melissa comes in and sits down, uninvited. Sarah stretches against two chairs in an ungainly way and says, "Can't you tell I'm getting ornery? I can't even sit on furniture." Landon says she "has her own file drawer," whatever that means.

Cyn is making cold calls, trying to get "proposals." She totally sounds like she's reading from a script (she's actually reading off the clumsily worded flyer) and isn't having much luck. Finally, she starts to get into a rhythm and communicates more clearly. Joe wanders in and notes her confidence and growth in voice-over, until she uses the word "sexual" where she meant to say "successful." Whoops. Joe teases her, and she says, "I wasn't talking like that until you got here!" Oh, just go do it already.

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