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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Steve says that his wife made him want to be a better person. Brynn asks if Steve could do that for her. Steve smacks his lips together, like, a million times. The other roommates crowd around a monitor that apparently shows what's going on in the hallway, trying to figure out how the conversation is going. Irulan hopes they work it out. Frank says that they'll hug if things are better. In the hall, Steve says that Brynn made a good point. Brynn reminds him that he's been where she is now. Steve says that now he can't do it. Frank thinks Steve is changing his mind. Steve tells Brynn that after this conversation, she has to stay. Frank asks whether Brynn is laughing. Steve says that he's talking in circles now, and Brynn looks greatly relieved. In an interview, Steve says that he's really not letting Brynn stay; he's letting the old Steve stay. Because he loves himself, so any opportunity he gets to hang out with himself more is a day well spent. Steve and Brynn hug. Irulan cheers. Brynn apologizes, and Steve apologizes back, rather insincerely.

In an interview, Brynn says that she's learned that if she has a problem with someone, she needs to talk to them about it. A lesson that most of us learned at age ten. Irulan says that nobody in the house should be hooking up as she hugs Alton. Foreshadowing? Brynn and Steve join the other roommates, and Brynn says that she's staying. They all hug her. Trishelle does not look happy about this development. In an interview, Steven says he hopes that Brynn will just treat him the same way she treats everyone else. Brynn jokes that she won't ever use silverware again. I notice that Trishelle doesn't hug Brynn. Steven goes and lies in his bed. In an interview, Frank says that this problem has made them look at themselves more, and that they're not perfect and will continue to have problems.

Trishelle and Brynn walk into Steve's bedroom. Trishelle tells Steve that she's proud of him. Brynn sits at the foot of the bed. Steve says that, in a warped way, this was all kind of good. Brynn jokes that she's glad she could bring everyone closer together. Trishelle stands with her arms crossed. I really don't think she wants Brynn in the room. And meanwhile, did they ever resolve whether someone was going to trade rooms or what?

Next week: The other girls get mad at Trishelle because she doesn't work hard, and because she gets a lot of attention from guys. Trishelle finds out that they've been talking about her, and yells at them. It's no forking incident, I tell you what.

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