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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Back in the bedroom, Trishelle and Steven are totally doing it and yet also having a Comic Sans Crap-Ass Closed Captioning Conversation. Trishelle says that Frank is saying something about them. Steven asks if they should go into a different room, and then suggests that they go in the confessional but not turn on the camera. Ah, he learned something from Danny in New Orleans. Frank tells everyone that he needs to take a shower, because he feels gross. Welcome to my recapping world, Frank. Every week, it just gets grosser and grosser. Trishelle and Steven stand up, wrapped in blankets. Trishelle giggles annoyingly and asks Steven if he's drunk.

Trishelle and Steven try to sneak into the confessional. Steven, of course, has to call attention to himself by yelling out an apology to Frank. Irulan gets upset that they are going to have sex in the confessional, and yells at them to "keep it in [their] own room!" She groans in frustration and disgust. Welcome to my recapping world, Irulan. It's all frustration and disgust, disgust and frustration. In an interview, Irulan says that Brynn is used to being "top dog," and that "the situation with Steven and Trishelle challenges her and makes her feel like she's second best or...not even second-best." Well, thanks, Dr. Phil. I'm glad that Irulan feels qualified to psychoanalyze Brynn after living with her for, like, two weeks. Also, I just noticed that one of the random people eating with the other roommates looks like Chelsea Clinton before her big Versace makeover.

Some other day, Brynn and Trishelle walk through the parking garage. They chat about how beautiful the weather is. Trishelle says that their lives are perfect, and then adds, "Almost." Brynn talks really fast and slurs something about how she was upset when she saw Steve and Trishelle together. Trishelle thinks Brynn wanted the room to herself. Brynn says that wasn't it. Trishelle guesses, "You was hoping to hook up?" Is that even a sentence? In an interview, Trishelle says that she's afraid that Brynn is mad at her for hooking up with Steve. Trishelle. She's just not very bright. She doesn't even make me angry. She just makes me sad. Trishelle says that she told Steve that maybe they shouldn't hook up because of Brynn, and that he didn't know what she was talking about. Brynn says that Steven doesn't know how she feels. Trishelle asks if Brynn really wants to hook up with Steve. Brynn says that she doesn't. In an interview, Trishelle looks really just godawful and puffy as she says that she doesn't trust Brynn to tell the truth on this issue.

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