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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Frank and Steve take a break from working out to gossip a bit. Frank says that Brynn is pissed off. Steve adds that Trishelle told Brynn that Steve might move into their room. She did? He might? Frank says that he talked to Steven about switching rooms, and then mentioned it to someone else. Brynn? I don't know. This whole conversation is confusing. All of Frank's conversations are confusing because he's a gossip, so they're mostly like, "So then Trishelle told me that Brynn said that Irulan wanted to know if Arissa thought that Alton wanted to go out tonight." In an interview, Frank says he thought that since Trishelle and Steven are having sex all the time, it would make sense if Brynn moved in with him, letting Trishelle and Steve room together. Makes sense to me! Frank tells Steven that Brynn is pissed that Steve and Trishelle are together, and also that she has to move all of her stuff into another room. Seriously. Haven't they been there, like, two weeks? True, Brynn shouldn't have to move, but if the alternative is listening to Steven slap Trishelle's ass nightly, I think I would bust out the cardboard boxes and packing tape and get the hell out. In an interview, Frank says that Brynn has been jealous for a while now, and that she's like a volcano about to erupt.

Frank talks on the phone to Emily, his ex-girlfriend. He tells her that everyone gets along pretty well, but you can see "little blisters that are going to develop into huge open wounds." Oh, so he also has access to Steven's medical records? Sorry, that was disgusting. But I couldn't let something like that just sit there. Out in the kitchen, Brynn tells Steven that Trishelle can move into his room, but that Steven can't move into theirs. Steven doesn't think that makes sense. Why does it make less sense than Brynn moving? It doesn't make more sense, but it doesn't make less. Brynn says tightly that it makes sense to her: since Steven is the one having sex, they can move it into his room. So is Trishelle not participating in this sex? Because by Brynn's logic, she must not be, or they could move into Trishelle's room just as easily. Steven thinks that Brynn is speaking to him rudely. Brynn tells Steven to "deal with it." Also, Brynn is wearing a strappy dress, and has her hair in pigtails. This is important in a minute. Steven tells her that she's crazy. In an interview, Brynn says that she and Steve have never really been cool with each other.

Then comes the haphazard editing to try to cover up the fact that once a-fucking gain, B/M didn't get the crucial footage on tape. Cut to Frank on the phone. Cut to Steve, wearing a gray t-shirt, asking Brynn what's wrong with her. Cut to Steven, in an interview, with hair that comes to a perfect point in the front, saying that every time Brynn opens her mouth, she's rude, and she needs to leave him alone. Cut to Brynn rubbing her eyes. Cut to the outside of the casino. I don't know. I'm not sure if they're trying to let us know that some time passed or something. Anyway, when we return inside, it's a totally different day and time. Suddenly, Steve is wearing a black polo shirt and asking Brynn why she's being a bitch to him, since he didn't do anything. Frank is still ostensibly on the phone with Emily, so either he was on the phone for, like, eight hours, or else, while he was on the phone, everyone ran off and changed clothes and hairstyles for a funny joke. Or there's a bit of time-screwery going on with the editing. They want you to think that the previous "you're being rude/deal with it" conversation was the prelude to the incident that follows, when it totally wasn't. In conclusion: whatever

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