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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Steven runs over to the bat phone (the phone they use to talk to the production crew) and picks it up. He stops to make sure that the cameraman has caught up to him, and then says, "Tracey [the producer], if I would have [sic] thrown a fork at her, that would have been it. If I would have [sic] touched her in any way in anger, that would have been it, and I think we're kidding ourselves to say anything different." Out in the hallway, Brynn cries and says that she's never been degraded like that. At least not since last night, when she was working as a go-go dancer in the club. Steven tells Tracey that if Brynn gets to stay, it's a double standard, and that he wants her gone. If you could just hear the tone of voice he uses throughout this scene -- he is clearly so in love with himself, and obviously speaking in sound bites so that it will make a good promo for the episode. What a fucking phony. Also, may I bring up Gladys from Road Rules: Latin America, who was another female kicked off the show for violence against a man (Abe)? I would like to enter that into the record as People's Exhibit A, your Honor.

Out in the hallway, Arissa hugs Brynn, who asks Trishelle if she should go home. Trishelle says that she doesn't know. Which is hardly surprising. In an interview, Trishelle says that Steven was wrong to call Brynn all those names, but that Brynn was wrong to push him. Trishelle thinks that Brynn should have just walked away, but that's not what happened. During Trishelle's opinion on the matter, we get some dramatic black-and-white flashback footage of the incident, in case you jammed a pen up your nostril during the commercial break so that you didn't have to watch that freaky Steve Madden commercial again, and accidentally lobotomized yourself. Trishelle says that they all have to agree on what will happen, and that one person alone can't make that decision. At some point between the shoving and now, Trishelle changed her shirt. I don't know what's up with these people and their wardrobes. Brynn says that Tracey the Producer will be the one to make the decision, and she knows she'll be going home.

Steven is on the phone with Tracey again. Steven protests that he's not going to take being hit, and that Tracey can't ask him to. Tracey says that he doesn't make this decision, and that the roommates all need to decide what happens. In other words, Mary-Ellis got a call at home and realized that it would be much more dramatic for the roommates to discuss the issue and vote on it than for the producers to deus ex machina Brynn out of the house in the middle of the night. Steve asks the roommates if they can talk about it right now, and they agree. Steve calls everyone into the living room.

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